The Future is Bright In The Windy City

The Chicago Cubs, along with the Houston Astros have been the laughing stock of the MLB over the last several years. Chicago has done something unbelievable and that is they haven’t won the world series in 103 years, yes I said ONE HUNDERED AND THREE YEARS. They have had drama while trying to reach the finish line and anyone who follows the game of baseball knows what I am talking about. The game etched in cubs fans mind Steve Bartman game, which touched a foul ball Moises Alou felt he had a chance to catch but Bartman reached over and interfered with ball. To this day I don’t feel he had a chance but who knows, that changed that series and baseball history because after that play cubs went on to give up 7 runs in the inning, then going on to lose series sending the cubs franchise into a tailspin.

Although cubs fans have suffered constant mediocrity on the baseball field with multiple 100+ losing seasons and a lot of turnover in the coaching staff very hard to watch. That is why I commend Cubs fans because I think if I were a Cubs fan I would have switched teams myself. Cubs fans are the detention of die-hard so I tip my cap. Though all of the bad play there is one positive; they have been able to stock pile top prospects through trades and the draft that are finally getting an opportunity to show what they can do.

Those top prospects we have seen are Javier Baez and Jorge Soler; they both have created a buzz that has given great hope to cubs fans everywhere. Starting with Javier Baez, a Gary Sheffield look a like with the swagger bat wiggle, in just 24 games he has hit 7 home runs all of them being line drive rockets. Baez is going to be very special but he must cut down on the strikeouts, but in this day and age who doesn’t. Now to Jorge Soler whom has just been up for 3 games he is 7 for 11 with 3 moonshot homers and the other 4 hits are rocket line drives. He also must work on his strikeouts, but he is an amazing talent and is going to be special. There has to be something in the water in Cuba producing many MLB stars and the Cubs I think have struck gold with these 2. Some other prospects that are on the rise and will be up very soon are 3rd base prospect Kris Bryant who has hit 40 homers in the minors and slick fielding shortstop Addison Russell who is the 3rd ranked prospect in all of baseball. The Cubbies are in good hands for a long while if they can stay healthy. Also with the amount of prospects they have they will be able to trade for veteran starting pitching.

The Cubs look like a force to be reckoned with for years to come. No longer will teams be able to take Cubs lightly and they will be able to challenge for the division as well. It will be great for baseball when the Cubs become relevant again and they are not far off! Will be fun to follow!



Season preview Carolina Panthers

After a 12 and 4 the Carolina Panthers were trending in the right direction with a young versatile quarterback in Cam Newton and a dominating defense that can stop anyone at anytime. Also having a great core of running backs in Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and the Tulldozer, Mike Tolbert who is impossible to tackle is a great trio in the backfield. The key for them is to stay healthy because for the last 3 years we haven’t had all three to mix and match and keep the defense on their toes. The running game is going to be the keys to offensive success do to question marks surrounding the receiving core.

The receiving core is a patchwork job after the organization decided to change the leadership when they released franchise icon Steve Smith a move that I will never agree with because no matter what he was going to give you everything he had even if that meant making some people mad along the way he has that fire no one else can give a team in his unique way. Lets just say you love him if he’s on your team hate if he’s an opponent, I don’t care if he played a little dirty his job is to catch passes and be the best wide receiver on that field he was for 13 years for us, now we have to face him that’s going to be loads of fun not!! Lets just make sure we all wear our goggles that day. Not only did we lose him we lost our top 4 from last season not the smartest plan after going 12 and 4 just saying.

On a positive note we drafted stand out wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin who is a 6’5 240 who has shown he has the ‘it’ factor to be great and he is going to be fun to watch. We also have Mr. reliable in tight end Greg Olsen who led us in catches last year, so we have potential to be a good offense just a matter of timing and protection of Cam.

The best part of our team is our defense there’s no question with the tackling machine Luke Kuechly one of the unquestioned leaders, the 2013 defensive player and getting even better. Don’t let me forget Tomas Davis Mr. resilient having 3 ACL surgeries and looking stronger than ever. To sup it up we have one of the best, if not the best 7 seven in football we give offensive coordinators nightmares when preparing for us. I just hope our secondary can be ‘legion of whom’ again with a lot of turnover again. People say defense wins champions; well we have a defense that can make that happen.

The Carolina Panthers are a very interesting team because no matter what there games are exciting with the big play ability of Cam and the defense. Going to be fun to watch!! Go Panthers!!!


The ‘Iron Horse’ and his impact Baseball and Beyond

Sports creates an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved from extreme happiness to heartbreak, a player whose life and baseball career that personifies that the best is Lou Gehrig.

Lets start with the eye-popping career numbers that will make your jaw drop and maybe do the unthinkable and say Babe ‘who,’ Gehrig had a career batting average of .340 and hit 493 career homers that is the definition of professional hitter to say the least. The thing that made him a household name was you could rely on him no matter what as he played 2,130 consecutive games in his major league career earning him the nickname the ‘Iron Horse’ this streak is remarkable because he had 17 fractures in his hands if you told most big league players toady you are going to break your hand 17 times most of them would say I had fun, but can I try another career please and thank you.

Also he was beaned countless times a big reason for that was the pitchers were probably thinking I’d rather hit him then he hit me I don’t think pitchers took that advice enough. Gehrig may have been hit a lot by baseballs, but he could take that punishment because in a lot of cases baseballs were hurting a lot more than he was after games!

His legacy on the field is unmatched by many, but the last time he crossed the white lines of a baseball field was not to continue his game streak it was to deliver one of the most iconic speeches in history ‘I AM THE Luckiest Man’ which is the furthest thing from the truth at the time because he was diagnosed with ALS which is a disease that makes life unbearable to say that you are the luckiest man on the face of the earth at that time in his life give you goose bumps to this day and always will!

One more great impact Lou Gehrig has had on sports world is his number was the first ever-retired in sports it shows the impact that he had as a player and his words. So when any player gets his number retired I will know how special it is and an extra big smile will come across my face!!

I believe this disease has no place an is unfair for everyone that has been impacted by this, but let me say one thing the people and families that have been dealt this awful hand got something from Gehrig himself countless amounts of strength and will to deal with this horrible disease you are better people than me I tip my hat and everything else I have! You guys are Heroes’!! I am glad to support ALS research and getting rid of horrible disease!!


Mcllroys’ Dominance

Over the past 3 golf tournaments we have seen some brilliant golf from Rory Mcllory who has shown why he is the best golfer in the world right now. First at the Open Championship making it look pretty easy finishing at -17 2 ahead of the field which may seem close, but Mcllory was in control every mistake he made he corrected on the next hole with a birdie. It was masterful performance and this was only the beginning.

The next tournament the WGC Bridgestone with the worlds best he again won but this one wasn’t as smooth as he had to come back in the final round against Sergio Garcia, but once Sergio hit some lose shots one of witch hit a woman’s finger causing her diamond to come out her ring. After that Rory was able to take hold and stay patient to complete this victory, very controlled and relaxed after getting this lead. Rory has been amazing in being to create and control golf shots to set him up for success on every hole very impressive.

This next tournament was one of the craziest major championships in a while, with a rain soaked weekend at Valhalla created a birdie fest and at one point 5 people were tied for the lead haven’t seen that in a while. For Rory this was not easy where on Friday he could of shot himself completely out of it after hitting it out of bounds on 10 leading to a double-bogey then a bogey on 11 dropping him to -2, then doing what Rory does, he birded 4 and a row talk about short memory loss.

Sunday was another battle where at one point he was 3 back heading in to the back 9, but that all after he blistered a 3-wood to 10 feet and converted the eagle after that the people in front of him started faltering making bogies. Taking the lead on 17 didn’t stop the drama, because they were trying to beat the darkness so foursome on 18 happened Rory played so quickly he almost hit his tee shot in the water, and then Phil Mickelson almost chipped in to tie Rory it was amazing to watch best golf tournament in a while!!

Rory is the best right now no question, in his own words ‘he can win a major ugly’ that’s scary to think about what he can do being only 25 and having 4 majors already. The golf world will be fine for years to come, but if Tiger can be half of himself and get healthy we will have some Tiger and Rory battles for al long time. Golf will be fun for a long time!!


From Carson-Newman To Miami Marlins

Carson-Newman is a division 2 school with a very respectable baseball program led by coach Tom Griffin. In tenor has produced many winning seasons and the only major league player in program history closing pitcher for the Miami Marlins Steve Cishek

Steve is a sidearm pitcher 91-94 MPH fastball and a disappearing slider, which is devastating he also sprinkles in a change-up to keep hitters off balance, not a fun at bat for anyone he is quite nasty.

Before being drafted by Miami in 2007 he was the closer for Carson-Newman eagles and I got the pleasure of watching him for all 4 years, as my brother was the catcher for Carson Newman, Jonathan McMahon and man were they a dynamic duo with my brothers catching ability and Steve’s nasty pitching man it was fun to watch.

Since being called up in 2010 he is one of the most under-rated pitchers and closers in the big leagues posting a 2.63 ERA, 79 careers save and 240 innings pitched pretty impressive considering the lack luster years Miami has had, but their future is looking up with the young talent they have in their pitching staff and the stud power hitter Giancarlo Stanton and with Steve cleaning up at the back end of games, they will be a force for a long time.

Steve is a great closer and person I am happy to call him my friend ☺! He just shows you no matter where you go to college if you have talent you will be found. He has represented the Eagles in the best way possible on and off the field. Love watching him on the field! ☺


My Thoughts On Struggling Braves

Look, these past few weeks have been miserable to watch as a fan and I am sure for the players because they are all professionals and this is their job so when it’s not going well it sucks for all involved. However, I believe Fredi Gonzalez needs to put his foot down and make changes to send a message that we are better than this and we need to start acting like it. These are some changes that I think must be made!
The changes that need to happen immediately to turn things around are to bench BJ Upton who is hitting an awful .211; he must be replaced by the newly acquired Emilio Bonifacio who is hitting in the .270s, has great speed, and bunting ability, and the most important stat of all only strikes out 16.4% of the time a typical leadoff hitter. The perfect shot in the arm this team needs, this will also tell the players if you’re not playing well you’re not going to play.

Next, permanently take Mike Minor out of the rotation he has just not had it this year posting 5.57 ERA and .375 average vs lefties, which is unthinkable considering he posted a batting average against lefties under .200 last year. Put Minor in the bullpen and put David Hale in his most comfortable place the starting rotation where he pitched great because he was able to get in the flow of the game and he gives us a better chance to win than Minor does as we stand right now.

Last I believe someone in our clubhouse needs to light a fire under us don’t be afraid to get mad at someone or get thrown out or the simplest think cuss loud so we can here it show some more passion because that’s the only way we are going to turn it around. We also need to quit putting so much pressure on ourselves to execute it’s a team game and it is going to take all 25 guys to get it done. We aren’t getting blown out at all just got to tighten those things up!

We have 9 more games against the Nationals we could be in a worst position, but we aren’t we are only 3.5 back but we’ve got to turn it around. Gut check time put up or shut up in the dog days of august! GO BRAVES!!


Trade Deadline Madness

We are 3 days removed from one of the craziest deadlines’ in years and if there is one thing we learned teams are going for it. With the 1st blockbuster bombshell when John Lester was dealt to the Oakland A’s who are playoff hungry and in that deal they took a risk in dealing there clean up hitter Yoenis Cespedes,but it’s a move that shows Oakland is not messing around win now moves.

The team that had the gold chip was the Tampa Bay Rays with David Price who I thought they should have waited until the offseason because the package does’t add up to the talent and what David Price meant to Tampa Bay,who was dealt to the Detroit Tigers making their rotation unstoppable with 4 former CY Young winners and the Era winner from last season. This is a move to counter the busiest team in the Oakland A’s who are trying to reach the next step after being beat by Detroit the past two seasons. It’s like Detroit and Oakland are playing chess and Detroit might’ve just said checkmate with acquiring David Price it will be fun to watch if it comes down those 2 teams late in october.

The team that did the worst at the deadline was the Philadelphia Philies not getting rid of their old roster and being tied up in ridiculous contracts Philles are in a baad situation Ruben Amaro Jrs’ days are numbered in Philadelphia.

My Team the Atlanta Braves are in a bad place right now losing 6 in a row with nothing going right,but a sliver lining is that we are only 3.5 back of Nationals and we were able to fill our needs with Emilio Bonifacio for our bench and I think should leadoff for struggling BJ Upton. We were also to get James Russell a lefty reliever to fill a great weakness that we’ve had.

This Trade Deadline shows teams are going for it and the next two months are going to fun to watch.