The Future is Bright In The Windy City

The Chicago Cubs, along with the Houston Astros have been the laughing stock of the MLB over the last several years. Chicago has done something unbelievable and that is they haven’t won the world series in 103 years, yes I said ONE HUNDERED AND THREE YEARS. They have had drama while trying to reach the finish line and anyone who follows the game of baseball knows what I am talking about. The game etched in cubs fans mind Steve Bartman game, which touched a foul ball Moises Alou felt he had a chance to catch but Bartman reached over and interfered with ball. To this day I don’t feel he had a chance but who knows, that changed that series and baseball history because after that play cubs went on to give up 7 runs in the inning, then going on to lose series sending the cubs franchise into a tailspin.

Although cubs fans have suffered constant mediocrity on the baseball field with multiple 100+ losing seasons and a lot of turnover in the coaching staff very hard to watch. That is why I commend Cubs fans because I think if I were a Cubs fan I would have switched teams myself. Cubs fans are the detention of die-hard so I tip my cap. Though all of the bad play there is one positive; they have been able to stock pile top prospects through trades and the draft that are finally getting an opportunity to show what they can do.

Those top prospects we have seen are Javier Baez and Jorge Soler; they both have created a buzz that has given great hope to cubs fans everywhere. Starting with Javier Baez, a Gary Sheffield look a like with the swagger bat wiggle, in just 24 games he has hit 7 home runs all of them being line drive rockets. Baez is going to be very special but he must cut down on the strikeouts, but in this day and age who doesn’t. Now to Jorge Soler whom has just been up for 3 games he is 7 for 11 with 3 moonshot homers and the other 4 hits are rocket line drives. He also must work on his strikeouts, but he is an amazing talent and is going to be special. There has to be something in the water in Cuba producing many MLB stars and the Cubs I think have struck gold with these 2. Some other prospects that are on the rise and will be up very soon are 3rd base prospect Kris Bryant who has hit 40 homers in the minors and slick fielding shortstop Addison Russell who is the 3rd ranked prospect in all of baseball. The Cubbies are in good hands for a long while if they can stay healthy. Also with the amount of prospects they have they will be able to trade for veteran starting pitching.

The Cubs look like a force to be reckoned with for years to come. No longer will teams be able to take Cubs lightly and they will be able to challenge for the division as well. It will be great for baseball when the Cubs become relevant again and they are not far off! Will be fun to follow!



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