Season preview Carolina Panthers

After a 12 and 4 the Carolina Panthers were trending in the right direction with a young versatile quarterback in Cam Newton and a dominating defense that can stop anyone at anytime. Also having a great core of running backs in Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and the Tulldozer, Mike Tolbert who is impossible to tackle is a great trio in the backfield. The key for them is to stay healthy because for the last 3 years we haven’t had all three to mix and match and keep the defense on their toes. The running game is going to be the keys to offensive success do to question marks surrounding the receiving core.

The receiving core is a patchwork job after the organization decided to change the leadership when they released franchise icon Steve Smith a move that I will never agree with because no matter what he was going to give you everything he had even if that meant making some people mad along the way he has that fire no one else can give a team in his unique way. Lets just say you love him if he’s on your team hate if he’s an opponent, I don’t care if he played a little dirty his job is to catch passes and be the best wide receiver on that field he was for 13 years for us, now we have to face him that’s going to be loads of fun not!! Lets just make sure we all wear our goggles that day. Not only did we lose him we lost our top 4 from last season not the smartest plan after going 12 and 4 just saying.

On a positive note we drafted stand out wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin who is a 6’5 240 who has shown he has the ‘it’ factor to be great and he is going to be fun to watch. We also have Mr. reliable in tight end Greg Olsen who led us in catches last year, so we have potential to be a good offense just a matter of timing and protection of Cam.

The best part of our team is our defense there’s no question with the tackling machine Luke Kuechly one of the unquestioned leaders, the 2013 defensive player and getting even better. Don’t let me forget Tomas Davis Mr. resilient having 3 ACL surgeries and looking stronger than ever. To sup it up we have one of the best, if not the best 7 seven in football we give offensive coordinators nightmares when preparing for us. I just hope our secondary can be ‘legion of whom’ again with a lot of turnover again. People say defense wins champions; well we have a defense that can make that happen.

The Carolina Panthers are a very interesting team because no matter what there games are exciting with the big play ability of Cam and the defense. Going to be fun to watch!! Go Panthers!!!


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