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Super Bowl Bound!! 5 Reasons Why

Then there were two! My Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. It’s been amazing to watch the Panthers mature and trust the process. In sports the most difficult thing is to be patient because this is an industry that is judged by wins and losses.

The Panthers have reaped the rewards of their patience over the past few years building through the draft and adding low-cost veterans to mentor the younger players. It’s a strategy that angers fans because we want instant gratification and championships now and don’t want to wait.

An approach that will maintain a winning culture for years because we have such a great group of young core players. Here are five key things that happened to the Panthers in 2015 that fueled this Super Bowl run.

Losing Kelvin Benjamin

Panthers-Benjamin Football

It may be shocking to some when I say losing our number one wide receiver helped us during this run. I honestly believe it has because it forced quarterback cam Newton to mature as a passer going through progressions and building chemistry with his other wide outs. At times last year it felt as if Newton was staring down Benjamin and not giving us the best chance to get the ball down the field and score as many points as possible.

Would it be great to have Benjamin? Yes, but it’s been great to see Newton make the best out of a bad situation and gain trust in everyone on the offense not just Benjamin. I think the injury made him focus a little more because his tall safety valve that he used many times last season was not there.

Not only has Newton elevated his game to an MVP level, so have the guys around him, realizing they had to step up big time to fill the void left by Benjamin after the injury. The offense has had a record-setting year in many categories, I think it’s because everyone focused a little harder once they realized they wouldn’t have Benjamin’s production on the field.

Here are a few statistics to show you what I mean; we led the league in points per game averaging 31.3. We accomplished that in a myriad of ways with the most balanced offense in the NFL. We were second in the league in rushing yards per game at 142.6 yards per game and collectively as a team, we have rushed for over 100 yards in 30 consecutive games, including the postseason.

This just goes to show you losing a star player doesn’t have to doom a season if the team has the right attitude about it. It’s been absolutely amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish without Benjamin just leaving us saying “what if.”

The Offensive line play


The offensive line was a perceived weakness for the Panthers coming into the 2015 season. However, that has not been the case as we were ranked 11th in the regular-season allowing just 33 sacks and 61 quarterback hits, which is amazing considering the dual threat that Cam Newton is on every play.

That area has improved in the postseason as well, allowing just two sacks and three quarterback hits. They’ve been so good Newton has had at times three seconds in the pocket before anyone is close to him, allowing him to survey the defense and complete those big plays down the field.

A big reason for the quick resurgence of this group is General Manager Dave Gettleman signed left tackle Michael Oher to a two-year contract this off-season. Oher was coming off an injury-riddled year with the Tennessee Titans and needed a fresh start. We provided the opportunity and he has become one of the most important people on our roster protecting Cam Newton’s blindside.

He’s been awesome in the running game as well; creating lanes for big plays, putting opposing defenses on their toes. This will be the biggest factor in deciding the Super Bowl champion because Denver’s defense is relentless, but I like our chances the way those guys have played all year.

Ball Hawking Defense


The backbone of this Carolina Panther team for years has been the defensive side of the ball. This season is no different, but somehow we’ve elevated our game to an even higher level. Generating takeaways has been the greatest area of improvement as our guys continue to develop; the team has forced 39 turnovers in the regular-season and another nine during this postseason run. They have been a very opportunistic group accumulating a +29 turnover ratio creating momentum early and often.

The defensive line has been the key to this spike in turnovers forced. They have become a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks to face because they’ve generated so much pressure from many different levels of the defense. This constant pressure has allowed the guys in the backend to take more chances, which has resulted in big momentum grabbing plays.

The player that has taken the biggest leap this season is defensive end Kawann Short going from what some thought a potential bust to now the JJ Watt of the Panthers defense. Entering the season Short had just five sacks and 55 tackles. This year he has worked extremely hard at his craft and has been rewarded with 13 total sacks regular-season and postseason combined.

A perfect time for this coming out party because the opposing offenses have to pay extra attention opening up opportunities for other guys to make an impact. These eye-popping statistics show this is one of the most complete teams the Queen City and the NFL have ever seen from the Carolina Panthers.

Many Savvy moves made


The Panthers organization has experienced great success from top to bottom in 2015. The orchestrator of this roster, general manager Dave Gettleman deserves a ton of credit for what we’ve seen this year from the Panthers. He’s made countless moves that will not light of the tabloids, but have greatly improved the team without mortgaging the future.

Signing Kurt Coleman

panthers slideshow_01

Coleman signed a two-year contract worth just $2.8 million, which is an absolute steal considering the production he’s provided on the field. He has quickly become one of the best safeties in the NFL. He is putting together a career year with nine interceptions this season, including two in the NFC championship game against the Arizona Cardinals.

He has greatly benefited from guys like Josh Norman because offenses tend to shy away from that side of the field, allowing Coleman to patrol the middle of the field reading quarterbacks’ eyes taking advantage of every mistake. He is a very tough-minded player that will sacrifice his body and do anything to help this team win.

This move illustrates Gettleman’s ability to evaluate talent and allow a lesser-known player the chance to prove himself and help the team win football games. Coleman is just one of many diamond in the rough type of guys that he has brought in that have contributed a great deal to the success of this team.

Signing Courtland Finnegan



This was an insurance policy move because the secondary has been ravaged by injuries and we needed a healthy body. Finnegan was sitting on his couch with his retirement papers drawn up when we called for his services. He has fit in like a glove in our secondary.

He’s a guy that you love to have on your team, but hate to face because he tries to get into opponents’ heads forcing them into mistakes. He had a great impact in the NFC championship game with an interception and he helped limit Larry Fitzgerald to just four catches for 30 yards.

This move shows he has the pulse of this team. Knowing exactly the type of player that will fit into the locker room and on the field. He has a magic wand this year, pushing all the right buttons. These are just a couple of many savvy moves Gettleman has made to propel us to this point in the season.

 Having Fun

Cam Newton, Derek Anderson


The Carolina Panthers are having the most fun I’ve ever seen a team have it’s been a joy to watch. The team has created the “dab” sensation, celebrating first downs, and big plays every chance we get. It’s really refreshing to see a high profile athlete where his emotions on his sleeve and not care what anybody thinks.

The entire team has followed Newton’s lead, enjoying what they do while thinking of the fans. After every touchdown they give the ball to a kid sitting behind the end zone, creating a memory that they won’t forget. The celebrations and pictures might rub some people the wrong way, but it’s just because they can’t stop us.

The emotion and attitude this team brings to every play keeps them engaged and even after a bad play they know they can atone for the mistake. That’s the mentality coach Rivera has preached all season, keeping your personality and doing your job. That attitude has allowed us just to focus on what we can control and not what the media thinks.

This is a very rare occurrence and sports nowadays because it’s all about championships and professionalism, but the Panthers have proven you can have fun and still do your job at the highest of levels.  A deadly combination for a team with so many dynamic weapons on the roster,


These are five things I think helped us get to where we are! However, it’s not over yet we have one goal left to achieve and that is to lift the Lombardi trophy. I’m so ecstatic I don’t think I have stopped smiling since watching us punch our ticket a memory that I will never forget. Finish it off Go Panthers!


Carolina Panthers, NFL, Top 5 list

Top 5 Takeaways from Panthers victory over the Seahawks

These NFL playoffs have had mind-boggling plays that just shouldn’t happen on a football field. A few examples of the craziness we’ve seen.. Minnesota kicker Blair Walsh missed a chip shot 27 yard field goal, or when Aaron Rodgers completed two Hail Mary’s to force overtime! What happen next, the overtime coin flip had to be redone because the coin didn’t flip! You can’t make up these things up, there is just something different about playoff football.

The Carolina Panthers followed suit with a crazy, unexplainable game against the two-time NFC champion Seattle Seahawks. Here are my top five takeaways from the Panthers victory other than I had a heart attack again. Which is nothing new for this team the matter the situation!

Cardiac Cats do it Again


This team has  a tendency to get out to big leads and take their foot off the proverbial paddle and make it a nerve-racking experience for all fans involved. It happened again on Sunday as the Panthers jumped out to a commanding 31-0 at half, which I might add is our largest halftime lead in franchise history. However, in the typical panther fashion they had to make it exciting in the second half being outscored by the Seahawks 24-0.

It’s the only way we know how to play football games and as a fan, you’d think we’d be used to it by now, but trust me, you don’t if your heart doesn’t skip a beat during a Panther game there something wrong. We just have a unique way of doing things it just puts fans at risk for a heart attack or the need for alcohol to get through a game. One way or the other we keep pounding and find a way to win football games at all cost its what I love about this team despite the heart attacks they like to give us.


Defense set the tone early

One of the keys coming into the playoffs was to generate a pass rush to take the pressure off of a beleaguered secondary that was ravaged by injuries late in the season. They did exactly that on the first play for the Seahawks it was a tackle for loss the next play was a pick six by Luke Kuechly throwing a Haymaker up 14-0 just 3 1/2 minutes into the game a magical start they continued through the first half. The pressure we were able to generate was a sight for sore eyes, as the outside guys hadn’t gotten a sack since the Thanksgiving showdown against Dallas.

It was great to see us force Russell Wilson into bad decisions and put them behind the chains with four sacks. The big boys responded to the challenge and did their jobs taking the pressure off the secondary, which will be key again when we face the Arizona Cardinals.


Our own “Beast Mode”


This team’s identity is the running game pounding it down the defense’s throat wearing them down opening up big splash plays. That happened Sunday with the return of our leading rusher Jonathan Stewart after a three-game absence due to injury.He set the often the tone early with a 59 yard run on the first play from scrimmage showing it was going to be a long day for Seattle trying to tackle the battering ram style of Stewart. He is the first player to rush for over 100 yards against that stingy Seattle defense in the last 27 games!  I don’t like when our key players get hurt, but he looked to have the fresher legs after not being hit in three games, I think it was a blessing in disguise.

It felt like we gave Seattle a taste of their own medicine with our quartet of backs including quarterback Cam Newton. The running game is always key to our success! Today was no different Stewart rushed 19 times for 106 yards and two touchdowns. It was good to have Stewart back in the lineup, adding a dimension back to our offensive playbook.

Mr Reliable comes through again


The most reliable target of quarterback Cam Newton has been tight end Greg Olsen. Sunday was another example of the chemistry those two have developed since they both arrived in Carolina. He had six catches for 77 yards and what turned out to be the game clinching touchdown late in the first half. It wasn’t just your garden-variety touchdown either it was an acrobatic catch in between two defenders that honestly, I don’t know if any of our other guys make that catch.

Another key play in yesterday’s game that won’t get, as much notoriety as it should was a pivotal third down conversion that kept the clock moving. It was a third-down and eight a little crossing pattern that Olsen caught and took a vicious shot from safety Kam Chancellor, but still was able to get the first down. Football is a game of inches and if he did not sacrifice his body and stretch the ball we could be talking about a whole different outcome because the momentum was severely shifting in Seattle’s direction.

The trust between Newton and Olsen has continued to get stronger and stronger carrying us throughout this magical season it’s been awesome to watch. It also has forced defenses to focus more attention Olsen’s way of opening up big plays for the other guys.

Once again, I thank the Chicago Bears for giving him to us; he has become one of the best tight ends in the league and once again was a pivotal player in our playoff victory yesterday. That connection is a deadly nightmare for defenses to prepare for and virtually every time a big play results. We had Mr. reliable in Ricky Proehl now I think we have it in Greg Olsen and that’s amazing.



“You Play to Win the Game”


We played one of the most complete halves of football I’ve seen us ever play up 31-0. However, I think human nature played a part in the Seahawks second-half comeback when they outscored us 24-0. As Cam Newton put it in his press conference everybody got a little “butt tight” I totally agree you can still be relatively aggressive while chewing clock by staying at the line of scrimmage a little longer. The conservative playacting got us out of our rhythm  fueling the comeback by Seattle   giving them belief  they could come back fortunately we made enough plays down the stretch so that didn’t happen.

In playoff football you have to keep the pedal down because as we seen crazy things can happen very quickly. The team understands they can’t let that happen again against the even more explosive Arizona Cardinals. It was good to see coach Rivera was disappointed to see our aggression diminish in the second half  said it won’t happen again. If you have an opportunity to deliver the kill shot to your opponent, you must do it because your opponent have pride and don’t want to be embarrassed at their job.

I put in a little on everybody because I know Mike Shula has creative play is that can still keep us in rhythm and the defense on their toes. I know there’s a fine line because you don’t want to make stupid mistakes, allowing the opponent right back in the game. I don’t see us having a problem with that again because we understand what can happen, but it is a good problem to have because you know you’re getting off to fast starts putting your opponents behind the eight ball.



It was a topsy-turvy game that took three years off my life, but we ultimately got the job done and that’s all that matters. We have a little more bird hunting to do, I expect it to be a very exciting game that comes down to the end. Get the defibrillator ready because it’s playoff football and the Carolina Panthers anything can happen, but one thing’s for sure Bank of America Stadium is going to be rocking I can’t wait. One step closer Keep pounding Go Panthers!!

Carolina Panthers, NFL, Top 5 list

5 Keys for Carolina Panthers Success in the Postseason

The Carolina Panthers have experienced an unforgettable regular season where they flirted with perfection and that was amazing; but now it’s put up or shut up time for all the playoff teams in the  quest for reaching the ultimate glory hoisting the Lombardi trophy! Here are my five keys for the Panthers to fulfill the dream they’ve worked so hard to realize.

Continue being “Party Crashers”


I feel like this team has taken on us against the world mentality because even though we have a 15-1 record a lot of the experts still are skeptical about what we can do when the lights are the brightest. Newsflash, we are the highest scoring offense in the league averaging 32.1 points per game and have the second-ranked rushing offense averaging just less than 143 yards per game. Couple that with the sixth-ranked defense that has forced 35 takeaways, 24 interceptions, and 44 sacks, can you say quarterbacks worst nightmare.

 The most complete team that I can remember having in our history. We’ve crashed the regular season party and now it’s time to  crash the postseason party and become “the worst Super Bowl champion.” Does that mean I thought we would only lose one game with our schedule, losing our number one wide receiver, and the pure fact that this is the National Football League!  Heck no, but they’ve made a believer out of many skeptics, but not all just like they like it.

The team just needs to keep their swagger and perspective that got them to this point.   Let the experts keep talking about Seattle and prove them wrong a few more times.

The secondary must play big


It’s been a fantastic season for the defense, however over the last few weeks the secondary has been ravaged by injuries. We have lost both defensive backs Charles Tillman and Bene Benwikere to season-ending injuries forcing us to dip into our depth with youngsters Tre Boston and Lou Young. Tillman’s loss hurts because he is a veteran presence and he had a knack for forcing fumbles. Benwikere was like a Swiss Army knife giving  coach McDermott a myriad of options he could blitz, cover or anything else that was needed.

Over the last couple weeks there’s been a few more holes in the middle of the defense, allowing opponents to get some chunk plays that we cannot afford in postseason play. The NFL is a next man up league and this is no different. 

Let’s remember these guys are good enough to be on an NFL roster  they may not be well known, but they are  professionals and know how to play the game. They will take this opportunity to shine  and do everything we can to help this team win.

If we can make teams grind out drives and not give up the explosive play and simply know your assignments and tackle well. If we do those things I think we will be just fine on the backend. For those young guys it’ll just be another football game once they hit somebody.

Generating Pass Rush


This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last key because we’re going to have to rely on young guys in the back end; it would be nice to take the pressure off of those guys by generating a consistent pass rush. This has been an area of inconsistency since the Thanksgiving game against Dallas,  because we haven’t gotten much production out of our outside guys of late. It’s been the Kawann Short show of late. For his efforts he was rewarded the defensive player of the month for the second time this season. 

The first NFL defensive tackle to do so. We need some other guys to get to the quarterback and create a muddy pocket forcing bad decisions that turn into turnovers.

We’re facing the elite crop of quarterbacks in the playoffs, they will be trying to get the ball out quickly, we must win each and every line of scrimmage battle as possible and get our hands up in the passing lane if we can’t get there. Causing havoc in the opponents back fields make playing defense much easier keeping opponents out of rhythm and creating your own.

They say defense wins championships our defense is definitely capable of taking over and exerting their will onto opponents I expect that and more with the electric atmosphere of Bank of America Stadium creating even more problems for opponents.


Playing Smart

Playoff football is an entirely different animal every play is magnified because it’s sudden death and becomes a game of inches. The Panthers must limit those big drops that we saw in the regular-season because these are outstanding defenses and they are not going to let the same mistake happen twice so we can’t let those opportunities slip through our fingers.

Another thing I’ve seen of late is Cam Newton has taken some huge sacks flipping field position in the defenses favor and in some cases taking points off the board. I know Newton is a freak athlete and can get out of some messy situations, but sometimes it’s okay to just chuck it in the stands and live another down. In the playoffs defenses will be like sharks smelling blood in the water if we are in second and long too much.

Staying ahead of the chains will be key for us as well  keeping the  run in play on every down will keep the defense on their toes. Allowing   the offense to grind the clock  keeping our defense fresh and more explosive. If we are able to  stay with the game plan and take advantage of the deep shots that present themselves throughout the game.

Lastly,executing the fundamentals are the most important thing in playoff football make the opponent come to you don’t shoot yourself in the foot with boneheaded penalties, turnovers or sacks.  If we do those things I and very confident of what we can present to opposing defenses causing headaches  and opportunities for explosive plays.

  Sticking with the Running Game


This team is built with defense and the running game at the forefront and with the tough defenses we will face, we can’t get frustrated if it doesn’t bust out right away we must keep grinding and wear down the defense.In our one loss at Atlanta, I felt we got away from our identity causing more pressure on the offensive line and Cam Newton to force things a little bit.

We can’t afford to do that in a playoffs because defenses will pounce on any weakness they see. The running game is going to get back to full strength when Jonathan Stewart assumes his starting role where he excelled during the regular season before the injury falling just short of 1000 yards.

Add the emergence of returning back Cameron-Artis-Payne who has a little DeAngelo Williams in him converting screen passes into long gains and showing that he has that shifty athleticism making people miss. Payne is a very good complement to both Stewart and Newton that a lot of defenses haven’t seen opening up more opportunities for the others after the opponent has been punched in the mouth a little bit.

The running game is what we’ve hung our hat on all season; a position that is seemingly getting deeper at just the right time giving offense coordinator Mike Shula more pieces to play with. The perfect storm we just have to stick with it and don’t get frustrated too early with these powerful defenses we will face.



These are the keys to our success and achieving the ultimate goal. The playoffs are what it’s all about and I can’t wait to see the Queen City and all the Panther fans everywhere get loud and cheer us to the Lombardi trophy!!


Scott’s legacy lives on

One year ago today we said goodbye to a broadcast legend Stuart Scott after a seven-year battle with cancer. He had the best attitudes and perspectives on life while battling the disease, he delivered one of the most inspirational speeches ever exactly what Jim Valvano wanted when he gave the original Never Give Up speech 21 years ago. Scott famously said “you beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.” A quote that will live on forever, no matter what struggles we go through in life that’s the best part about it.

Scott was a fixture on ESPN every time I saw him on TV it made me smile; I knew he would make me laugh with one of his famous catchphrases “As cool as the other side of the pillow” or “BOO-YAH” makes me smile just thinking about it. He genuinely cared about everyone he worked with and the audiences he touched. A true pioneer in the sports broadcasting world and as a person that is looking to crack into the sports industry he has greatly inspired me. He was so grateful with his words and how he carried himself in front of the camera!

Scott made the best out of an unfortunate situation living life to the fullest every minute he had! He may be gone, but his life and legacy will live on forever!! Thank you for everything!!


Carolina Panthers, Top 5 list

Top 5 Breakout Players for the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have experienced a magical season thus far winning an NFC record 18 straight games and starting 2015 with 14 straight victories! Despite all of that we are still disrespected by many in the sports world, but that is nothing new for this team and fan base. As coach Ron Rivera put it, we’ve crashed the party this season, forcing people to pay attention and praise what we’ve done on the gridiron! Here are my top five breakout performers for the Carolina Panthers!


Cam Newton

He  biggest key to the season success is the field general Cam Newton putting up gaudy videogame game like numbers making him the front-runner for the MVP award. He has accounted for 41 total touchdowns 33 through the air and eight on the ground; making defenses look silly and giving opposing coaches major headaches week after week.

It’s simple this team will go as far as Newton will take us because there’s been so many instances this season where he has just said get on my back! The Seattle game, leading four 80-yard touchdown drives against the Legion of doom to finally get the Seattle monkey off our back and that was just the beginning. More recently against the Giants when we blew a 35-7 lead and you saw Newton on the sideline when it was tied up nod like I got this. He did as we drove down for the game-winning field goal.

Lastly, he’s  had three games where he’s thrown five touchdowns, those are just a few defining moments proving he can do it all when leading the Carolina Panthers to victories. Mind you he is doing this without his leading wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, who tore his ACL in the preseason; Newton has made us only wonder what if   and made the best of this unfortunate blow this team suffered.

Newton makes everyone around him better and after we suffered our first loss of the year he didn’t make excuses we just got our butts kicked and he was the first to admit that. That’s what a leader is made of understanding the bigger picture and just working to get better and own up to not playing to their abilities. I can’t wait to see what we can do when the games matter most I just have that feeling that this is our year and wouldn’t want anyone else  leading the squad.  He’s always been a freak on the football field, but  this year  he has raised his abilities to a new level it’s been amazing to witness.


Ted Ginn Jr

 The person that has reaped the most benefits from Cam Newton’s magical season is  wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr! Ginn was coming off a lost season with the Arizona Cardinals a season in which he admitted he was chasing the check; it was the season he was not used at all in the offense just as a special team guy. Ginn was looking for a fresh start and was reunited with the Queen city and Cam Newton where he was most productive. This season he has raised the bar so high recording career high 10 touchdowns get this, he had 11 total coming into the season.

He wears his PF Flyers very well; he takes the top off the defense. He has become Newton’s favorite wide receiver target and after the loss of Kelvin Benjamin someone had to step up and Ginn certainly has; despite critical drops he has had a short memory in maintaining his confidence throughout the year. It’s been amazing to see the maturation between quarterback and wide receiver this season, allowing special plays to happen all over the field. I’m glad he came back to the Queen City don’t leave, this is where you belong keep it going!

panthers slideshow_01

Kurt Coleman

I’ve said before, this was one of the biggest steals for the Panthers this off-season another diamond in the rough signing by GM Dave Gettleman. He signed a two-year deal worth just $2.8 million that is ridiculously cheap considering the production we’ve gotten from a player that has had a very formidable career coming into the season!

This is his sixth year and his best with 90 combined tackles and seven interceptions, including a stretch of five straight games with an interception. He has been a great addition to our ball hawking secondary that leads the league in turnovers. Coleman has been amazing at reading the quarterback’s eyes and taking advantage of their questionable decisions.

This team has been able to take guys that are little known and gotten the best out of each and every one of them that is a credit to the coaches and the player’s work ethic. Coleman has turned into one of the best safeties in the NFL this season and one of the most fiery and competitive players on the Panthers the season.


Kawann Short

Kawann Short the third-year defensive tackle out of Purdue has come out of his shell and just the right time for him and Panthers organization! I think some including me, were skeptical if he was going to reach his potential of that second round pick well he has done that and more.

Coming into 2015 he had just 70 total tackles, two forced fumbles and just five sacks. This season he recorded 53 total tackles, three forced fumbles and 11 sacks that production on the field has earned him a well-deserved first Pro bowl selection. It’s a good thing we’ve had him the last couple of weeks because it seems like he’s the only one that can generate any sort of pass rush and with the recent injuries we suffered in the secondary pass rush is going to be even more critical as we head into the regular-season finale and the playoffs.

This is a case of patience paying off for both the Panthers and Short it’s great to see hard work pay off for players that had high expectations coming into the NFL! His confidence is beaming and this is a small sample of what his career and year will end up being. He has been toying offensive lineman becoming an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses to prepare for I’m very happy he is in Carolina black and blue for that reason.

AJ Klein



This final choice for breakout player could of gone to anyone on our team and this selection might surprise some people, but my choice is linebacker AJ Klein! His stats are not eye-popping however, he started three games for the best linebacker in the NFL Luke Kuechly and I don’t feel like our defense missed a beat!

The coaches and players felt the same way because he was named a captain and rightfully so understanding his role and playing gritty fiery football while Kuechly recovered. When he put in the game whether that be on special teams or just to give someone a blow he goes as hard as he can to make a positive impact on the game though matter how many snaps he gets.

I consider this a breakout year for him because he showed he has the ability to start and do anything that is asked of him and I guarantee you many NFL teams he would be starting as we speak so I think he deserves some love for the way he is providing this team this season


  This entire team has broken out this season proving the entire NFL round and making them pay attention when the Carolina Panthers on the football field.  These are just guys that  have had coming-out parties in their careers that have contributed big time to our success; I love this theme in the attitude we brought to every single game. I hope you enjoy Go Panthers!!