The ‘Iron Horse’ and his impact Baseball and Beyond

Sports creates an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved from extreme happiness to heartbreak, a player whose life and baseball career that personifies that the best is Lou Gehrig.

Lets start with the eye-popping career numbers that will make your jaw drop and maybe do the unthinkable and say Babe ‘who,’ Gehrig had a career batting average of .340 and hit 493 career homers that is the definition of professional hitter to say the least. The thing that made him a household name was you could rely on him no matter what as he played 2,130 consecutive games in his major league career earning him the nickname the ‘Iron Horse’ this streak is remarkable because he had 17 fractures in his hands if you told most big league players toady you are going to break your hand 17 times most of them would say I had fun, but can I try another career please and thank you.

Also he was beaned countless times a big reason for that was the pitchers were probably thinking I’d rather hit him then he hit me I don’t think pitchers took that advice enough. Gehrig may have been hit a lot by baseballs, but he could take that punishment because in a lot of cases baseballs were hurting a lot more than he was after games!

His legacy on the field is unmatched by many, but the last time he crossed the white lines of a baseball field was not to continue his game streak it was to deliver one of the most iconic speeches in history ‘I AM THE Luckiest Man’ which is the furthest thing from the truth at the time because he was diagnosed with ALS which is a disease that makes life unbearable to say that you are the luckiest man on the face of the earth at that time in his life give you goose bumps to this day and always will!

One more great impact Lou Gehrig has had on sports world is his number was the first ever-retired in sports it shows the impact that he had as a player and his words. So when any player gets his number retired I will know how special it is and an extra big smile will come across my face!!

I believe this disease has no place an is unfair for everyone that has been impacted by this, but let me say one thing the people and families that have been dealt this awful hand got something from Gehrig himself countless amounts of strength and will to deal with this horrible disease you are better people than me I tip my hat and everything else I have! You guys are Heroes’!! I am glad to support ALS research and getting rid of horrible disease!!


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