On Saturday Duke rallied to beat St Johns to give Coach K win number 1000 to put him on top of college basketballs Mount Rushmore the cherry on top of a record breaking career!!

A 38 year career that started at his alma mater Army where he played point guard for legendary coach Bob Knight, who became coach K mentor and he took every bit of that advice! He spent 5 years there making a name for himself in the basketball world!

That was just the beginning for Coach K as he has made the Duke Blue devils a perennial powerhouse and as a North Carolina fan he and his teams have broken mine and many hearts!! He has coached with his whole heart on the court every season, putting a winning team together every year, while dealing with the dreaded one and done rule! Here are some eye popping numbers to show why he is in a class of his own 4 national titles, 11 Final Fours, 13 ACC championships and the most impressive number to me is he has a 76% win percentage that’s nuts, that took a hit tonight Go Irish!!

He also has led USA basketball for 9 years leading us 5 golds, 2 silvers, and 2 bronze impressive any way you slice it shows he can coach anyone at anytime as long as he coaches we have an extra advantage!!

Coach K is an amazing coach there are not enough adjectives to describe him, he is an even better person cares about his players and coaches both personally and professionally the ultimate class act!! Congrats on 1000 and counting!!!!


Thoughts on Max Scherzer Mega Deal

This off-season has been wheeling and dealing it has been hard to keep track of which is a baseball fans dream always something to talk about and this week was no different as another big fish landed when Max Scherzer signed in the Nations Capital on a 7 year deal worth 210 million dollar deal!!

This deal is a nightmare for the NL East teams that have to face that rotation 18 times a year, but especially because the Braves are going through a rebuilding period and with another great pitcher in the division I see a lot of strikeouts and tough offensive nights all year long but you still got to play the games and maybe surprise me but no matter what I am with them!!

From the Nationals perspective, it shows they are going for it and that’s great, but I don’t think he is worth Clayton Kershaw money because he’s had a couple of successful years, but not sustained like Kershaw but he is a great pitcher and his agent did a heck of a job getting that deal done! For the Nationals financially speaking, this could be a BJ Upton type deal where they are tied down even if the production is worth the money because know what they have to pay him for 14 years and there is no way he’s going pitch that long already at the age of 30 the Nationals may experience buyers remorse!!

Now with that money tied down to one player it may be difficult to sign their other stars that will keep them competitive for many years and keeping who knows what they could do but now money could be a big issue and that is never good! Also, they’re dangling their younger pitching stars Steven Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman which is not the smartest move because those players are younger and if you keep them your able to stay competitive for much longer than if you trade them now!

Overall this deal is great for Max Scherzer because we all raised our eyebrows when he turned down 144 million dollars and now he is laughing at us because he got a 66 million dollar raise that many didn’t expect!! For the Nationals I think it could be a big problem down the road, but since they want to win now I don’t blame them as now they have the top rotation in baseball, however their bullpen is suspect and that could be the thing that holds them back!! Baseball season is almost here and I am excited to see how all these moves play out!!


A Game to Remember

The NFL playoffs have provided great heart stopping finishes for NFL fans everywhere yesterday was no different as the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks gave us an instant classic that will be talked for many years to come unfortunately for Packer fans it will be a nightmare and full of what-ifs.

The game was totally one-sided for the first 3 quarters in the Packers’ favor every bounce every play went their way, making the defending Super bowl look like they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs! Russell Wilson had maybe his worst half of his career with 4 interceptions and at one point had a 0 passer rating, which is mind boggling how he was, able to forget those throws and help his team complete improbable comeback.

This wasn’t just about Russell Wilson it was about the entire team, including Pete Carroll, who shocked us with a 4th and 10 fake field goal down 19-0 that takes some guts to call that and be willing to take criticize him if didn’t work and the game would’ve virtually been over but it was the 1st of many breaks, it was the first punter touchdown in the postseason since 1966.

It just got crazier from there with 3:27 left on the clock 19-7 many fans, including me handed this game to the packers, but there was no quit in the Seahawks after a 3 and 5 drop by Packer tight end Andrew Quarless breathed a little more life in the Seahawks if they could score quickly and they did as the Packers seemed to lift their foot off the gas a little bit because they weren’t flying around as they were earlier in the game! It came down to the onside kick and it got worse for Packers as it bounced off Brandon Bosticks’ face mask and the Seahawks recovered I cringed because the impossible was happening and I felt bad for Packer fans. If that were the Panthers in this game a probably would’ve been in the Emergency room because of a heart attack I am not kidding!!

The Seahawks scored pretty easy to take the 1st lead, the 2 point conversion was now the key and another break happened as Russell Wilson dropped back fading away and after being up in for about 8 seconds somehow it fell in tight end Luke Wilsons hands to give them a 3 point lead after 5 turnovers 4 interceptions that is what you call never giving up!! The Packers were able to force overtime with Mason Crosby’s’ 5th field goal, but the Seahawks won the toss and had the momentum Russell threw the walk off touchdown to Jermaine Kearse, who was the target on all 4 of Wilson’s interceptions he caught the one that mattered the most!!

The game showed me never to assume anything until the clock has 00 on it. This type of game is why I love sports so much because anything can happen!! The packers are going to be kicking for having to kick field goals and all the other things that didn’t go their way and sometimes its just not meant to be!

We have to give the Seahawks a lot of credit for the improbable comeback they are Super Bowl Champs and they know how to win no matter what sometimes its better to be lucky than good and take advantage of the breaks!! Congrats to both on great seasons was an awesome game and good luck to Seattle in the Super bowl!!

College Football


The college football committee is smiling today as the Ohio State Buckeyes the most scrutinized selection of the playoff won the National Championship in bruising fashion!

By know means was this an easy road for them as they lost two heisman trophy candidates Braxton miller and JT barrett to injury most teams would struggle to find a rhythm with a revolving door at the quarterback position. Let’s just say someone recruited very well with sophomore QB Cardale Jones was waiting in the wings and it was a quick rise to stardom as he lead them in the 3 biggest games of his life with both his legs, arm and most importantly his poise because if I was him I would pee my pants!!

After beating number 1 Alabama at their own game running the ball down their throat rushing for a record 230 yards against a Nick Saban coached team. That defense was also flying around making plays to help complete the upset!

The dream run continued in the National Championship when they faced Marcus Mariota and the high powered offense of Oregon Ducks! It was not the prettiest display of football for Ohio state with 4 turnovers, no team should with that many turnovers and a Jameis Winston impression! They were able to overcome those mistakes with red zone defense and a bruising running game with Zeek Ezekiel Elliott, who could’ve run through a brick wall paired with the quarterback Cardale Jones 250 pounds running over defenders with not a care in the world! That combination had the ducks gasping for air it didn’t look very fair at times total domination and the reason they got the W!

Coach Urban Myer is the best coach in college football right now being able to overcome so many adversities this year to win his Third national championship in his career this the most impressive,an amazing coach no doubt!! Congrats to them on a great year and the win well deserved!!

Carolina Panthers

Panther Pride

My team the Carolina Panthers were knocked out by the Defending Champion Seattle Seahawks it was close at halftime at 14-10, but unfortunately we were beaten by big splash plays and turnovers and you can’t expect to beat anyone with 3 turnovers and our secondary was burned for long pass plays and couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down that is not a recipe for success against anyone.

This season was a roller coaster ride from the beginning starting with getting rid of the top 5 wide receivers from last year, including long time Panther all pro Steve Smith which was a big blow for many seeing him in another uniform I have to admit it was weird! Then Cam had off-season ankle surgery and limited opportunity to create chemistry with new wide outs then a rib injury in the 3rd preseason game that was just start of the wild year.

Starting the season 2-0 after coming off a 12-4 season we as a fan we were on cloud 9, then the wheels fell off the wagon and the hair pulling began for me as we lost 6 in a row and a tie that ended up being a blessing, but it was hard to watch and I will admit I had little faith in the season at 3-8-1 and the number pick looked like the best part of our season, then we flipped a switch!!

Our defense began flying around like last year, creating turnovers and wreaking havoc for every opponent we faced. On the offensive side of the ball we were able to get our running game going with Jonathan Stewart, which freed up the passing plays for us as well! During that good stretch there was more drama as Cam was in a car wreck that broke two bones in his back, another curveball that was a scary reality that just because you are a football player life situations sill happen it doesn’t matter who you are! Derek Anderson came in and did what he had to do to grab his second victory against the Bucs the best backup QB in the NFL in my opinion. We had to win and get some things to fall in our favor the division was on a down year, but we still had to play and win the games.

We did the unthinkable came all the from a 3-8-1 record and won the South in back to back years for the first time in the divisions’ history that is a great feat no matter what you say! Then we got a chance to avenge the ugly loss to Arizona we did that in record fashion by holding them to a record low 78 total yards, which is ridicules even with a 3rd string quarterback and getting our first postseason in 5 years!! It didn’t end they wanted we ran in to maybe the hottest team in football in the final weeks of the year!!
It was a hell of a year fun to watch and we gained great experience with a young core I am very excited about our future!! We also never gave up with all the adversity we faced this year WE KEPT POUNDING!! GO Panthers we will be back trust me!!


NFL Wild Card Weekend

The NFL playoffs are here, wild card weekend was sure wild with my team the Carolina Panthers avenged the awful loss to the Arizona Cardinals in 2008 with a dominating defensive performance, allowing just 78 yards of total yards an unthinkable number in todays NFL even with a 3rd string quarterback in the game. We had some great splash that helped us grab the win whether it was the Fozzy Whittaker 40 yard screen play that got the momentum back in our favor after some boneheaded plays that had me pulling my hair out.

Then a fumble created on the kickoff with a huge hit by Melvin White led to the touchdown pass to Tub of GOO fullback Mike Tolbert, which allowed our defense to exert itself and come after Ryan Lindley put in a tough spot because of Cardinal injuries. There were many mistakes that must be corrected, but a win is a win no matter how you get it playoff football means survive and advance.

The Ravens verses Steelers game may have been decided before it even kicked off as the Steelers had to play without all pro running back Le’veon Bell, who did it all from running to catching passes was a matchup issue for anyone. Without him, they had to turn into a one-dimensional offense with Ben Roethlisberger a great quarterback, but with no help from the running game the Ravens pass rush was able to disrupt the timing and create havoc in the backfield also in the 1st half were able to become a brick wall in the red zone holding them to field goals.

Although Le’veon Bell was not there the Ravens played a heck of a game, especially Joe Flacco, who seems to flip a switch during the postseason, making all the plays needed to help them get the win. Our old friend Steve Smith had a good game as well with over 100 yards receiving ho hum good for him! The defense made Ben Roethlisberger feel it all day it was a good day all around for the Ravens.

The Dallas, Detroit game was the closest and most controversial of the weekend. Dallas and Detroit came into the game with huge playoff monkeys on their back. Detroit came out hot a quick 14 point lead and their defense was getting great pressure on Romo with a total of 6 sacks and missed field goal by the most accurate kicker in NFL history Cowboys fans were saying here we go again! Tony Romo then turned it on with some great passing and in his own words calmed down and let the game come to him.

For Detroit this game will be remembered as the pickup flag game as a defensive pass inference was called as I think it should’ve been but then after being marked off it was picked up and the state of Michigan exploded with shock and anger that then led to the go ahead touchdown. Detroit had a shot to come back they got a break after Stafford was sacked and fumbled, then Dallas fans had nightmare flashbacks to Leon Lett fortunately for Dallas fans, it worked out in their favor this time but it doesn’t mean they didn’t have a heart attack watching it unfold! Tony got that elusive playoff win he’s been looking for! I don’t like Dallas but good for him.

The Indianapolis Colts faced the Cincinnati Bengals, who hasn’t won a playoff game since 1990 and they came into the game shorthanded without AJ green and Jermaine Gresham two key weapons on the offensive side of the ball and boy did they miss them they couldn’t create anything downfield or take advantage of turnovers and against Andrew Luck that’s not a recipe for success.

The Colts played well they did; however they did have the case of the drops and they won’t beat Denver that way. Andrew Luck had a typical day making plays getting out of trouble he is a force to be reckoned with on any given day and when his offensive line plays this watch out.

Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis can’t break though and who knows if they ever will together in Cincinnati. They haven’t been able to create breaks in the postseason where it really matters. Andy Dalton is now 0-4 and Marvin Lewis is 0-6 a dark cloud is over them right now. Someone needs to tell them to find a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover before the next postseason game nothing else seems to be working.

The playoffs have just started and it’s already been filled with drama and heart attacks and I am excited to see what happens!! GO Panthers


College Football Playoff Thoughts

College football has been filled with drama the entire year and with it being the first year of the college football playoff just the icing on the cake. I personally like the new system because it is determined by actual people in the game of college football, not computers just crunching numbers we all know technology can be defective and wrong. Play on the field matters more now and that is how all sports should be!

With any sport someone is going to be mad because they were left out of the playoffs this was no different as TCU was left out left many angry because they looked a lot more impressive than FSU and Ohio State the entire year, the problem for TCU is that their conference doesn’t have enough teams for a conference championship and that is the main reason they are not in the playoff might be a good idea to fix that.

I think the committee got it right, Oregon has the Heisman quarterback and an offense that goes warp speed looks like a well oiled machine most of the time yesterday especially. Many thought that FSU didn’t deserve to be in the playoff because of all their ugly wins, but they are wins doesn’t matter how you get them 29-0 is what it is and they deserved that shot they got it melted on them in the 3rd quarter with 5 turnovers they had fumble fingers and it got tough to watch. They had a heck of a run they just ran into a buzz saw!

Ohio state was able to get in the playoff by drubbing Wisconsin 59-0 on their 3rd quarterback this has probably been best coaching job by Urban Myer with all the changes at the quarterback position and staying the coarse this season! They were not a popular pick for that 4th spot, but when you shut out a team in your championship game that makes a big statement and the reason they got the nod.

Alabama had another solid year and were pretty much a lock to make the playoff. They did and everyone was pretty confident they would beat whomever they played. The game still had to be played on the field and the biggest thing I learned is Nick Saban doesn’t like sugar that’s his 3rd straight loss in that bowl. They were outplayed in almost every phase even though it was close. The SEC was knocked down a peg, as it will be the first time since 2005 a SEC will not be in the National Championship game it’s been great to watch I have Oregon but who knows this bowl season has been crazy!