Braves keeping it interesting

After a disappointing second half that saw the Braves crumble, and at many looking like they couldn’t hit a beach ball are making changes! Starting at the top with the firing of Frank Wren, because of many questionable moves signing BJ Upton to 7 years 75 million dollars, that at the time it seemed great getting an All-Star caliber player, it has not worked out that way as he has struggled mightily. He has stuck out so much it’s laughable, I think I could make more contact than he has over the last couple of years! Another move that played a big part in Wren’s departure is the Dan Uggla situation when he struggled so badly we had to release him, but he had a couple of years left on his deal, leaving the Braves financially strapped paying the remainder of that contract, which is about 19 million dollars and he is not playing anywhere currently. These are 2 major reasons Wren was dismissed and I agree with this move sometimes there needs to be a new perspective.

The person that gets this task is Jon Hart formally of the Cleveland Indians who built many winning teams in the 90’s with Manny Ramirez, Jim Tome and many others. He knows baseball and he is good at fixing messes and that is what we have. He has sent a lot mixed messages on whether we will be contenders or a complete rebuild in 2015 and, I as a person that watches 162 games a year, I would like to see a competitor especially considering all my other favorite teams are mediocre right now.

The first move that he has made that has sent shockwaves though the baseball world, when we traded Jason Heyward, a beloved person in Braves country that gave everything he had and didn’t complain at all. It is a hard trade to take as he is a great person and leader! He has been bit by the injury bug and trying to figure out the type of player he is going to be as his career progresses.

This trade was made because Heyward is entering the last year of his deal and it was not likely to be able to sign him long term,so it was best to get something for him now. We were able to get a young power arm that has a lot of potential in Shelby Miller and minor league arm to replenish a depleted farm system, also we have 10 years of control total which is golden for baseball teams, team friendly contacts and that is what we need right now. We were also able to clear 11 million dollars of room to be able to make other moves. You take all positives in trades even though you liked or loved the players you must give up to make your team better in the long run.

Hart has also dangled some of our power hitters Evan Gattis and Justin Upton which I am skeptical of because you must score runs to win games, but if we are able to get a kings ransom for them I might be cool with it. The last confusing thing the Braves have done is scheduled a meeting with a big ticket fee agent Jon Lester, so are we in or out no one knows.
This offseason is has been filled with many curveballs that has braves fans scratching their heads! It will be fun to watch! Go Braves!


Money Talks

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton this week signed the largest contract in sports history, 13 years 325 million dollars! Pause for a moment and think what you would do with that much money, my mind is spinning just imagining that, but I don’t think I will have to
worry about that.

In no way do I think any one player is worth 300 million dollars however, Stanton is a great player and the face of the Marlins right now, so it is great deal for him. In his very short career he has hit some baseballs that haven’t come down yet, a pitchers worst nightmare who can strike at anytime!

This deal is really player friendly as well, with an opt out option after 6 years, if the Marlins aren’t competitive enough for him he can explore other options. This deal is a huge win for Stanton, but for the Marlins its up in the air because of the injury factor and wether they can put the talent around him to chase many championships.

One thing is for sure being a Braves fan I will see a lot of Stanton, and he will cause many headaches for everyone around the league. It’s going to be interesting to see how this deal plays out!


Time to be Blunt

My team the Carolina Panthers had very high expectations for this season and as we sit right now we are a shell of ourselves. There are many reasons for this, but the fact of the matter is we lack leadership and talent that it takes to be a cohesive team. Dave Gentlemen has made some questionable this year with releasing Steve smith and the entire receiving core from last year and letting many of our solid secondary players go to free agency and signing Roman Harper who is dubbed by many as the worst safety in the NFL today. Not saying we are not salary stricken with 47 million sunk into 3 players 2 injury-plagued running backs and a defensive end that can’t play because of legal issues. What bugs me about this is Gentleman hasn’t said anything about how he is going to fix this or stood up for his players.

Now to on the field issues, my god where do I start the offensive line is the best as any. They couldn’t block a teddy bear they way they are playing right now giving up 9 sacks to the Eagles and being knocked down countless times and no time to make plays. Here is a mind boggling stat for you since Cam Newton into the league he has over 500 times, he is not invisible and these have taken a huge toll on his mind and body and that is the worst thing for a quarterback to be thinking to much. A piece of advices draft at least 2 OL if you want cam to last and be the face of our franchise.

It has not been smooth for Cam by no means with the ankle injuries, ribs, and many more. The play has been shaky as well, forcing balls to receivers, throwing balls a million miles an hour making it hard for anyone to catch it. He is thinking too much and not taking what the defensive gives him and to realize check downs are there and live for another play. Cam is a great talent and I feel we are not giving him the best chance to secede with the talent around him and the play calling is pretty questionable with the tools the Cam possess when completely healthy, which he is not.

We must retool and get some leadership that will create a fire into a lost organization right now. It is difficult to watch right now and I feel I should wear a paper bag over my head, but no matter what I will be a panther fan though and though.


Mad Bum carries Giants to title

It’s not often in sports one person single handily wins you a championship, this year left hander North Carolina native Madison Bumgarner rewrote the postseason record books! Bumgarner posted an outstanding 2.14 ERA starting by pitching a complete game shutout at PNC verses the upstart pirates over the past couple of seasons that was just the beginning of the dominance.
In the division series the only loss he had was because he had a throwing error that cost him 2 runs, but he would make up for that in the World Series trust me!

The World Series was a very memorable as is any that goes to a game 7, this series had everything from great defense to great everything in between! I think I can safely say if the Kansas City didn’t have to face Bumgarner they would be partying like it’s 1985, but that didn’t work out! Bumgarner basically said get on my back I’ll take you to the promise land and boy did he do that posting an unthinkable 0.25 World Series Era, going 4-0 and coming out of the bullpen in clinching game to pitch 5 shoutout innings on just 2 days rest incredible!! He also broke the postseason innings pitched with 58 and 2/3!! A record breaking postseason that will be etched in baseball fans minds forever!

Madison Bumgarner only 25 might already be in hall of fame consideration with 3 World Series rings and World Series MVP! He is representing the Queen City well and helping the Giants create the most unthought of dynasty. I not calling them a dynasty yet, but if they continue at this pace they will be soon! I would be remiss if I don’t give Bruce Bochy some love, a great manager that has pushed all the right buttons over the last 5 years I would call him silent but deadly in his decisions! A well oiled machine as we speak and will always be there!!