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Panthers make savvy move Trading for Allen

On Tuesday the Carolina Panthers officially acquired veteran pass rusher Jared Allen from the Chicago Bears for a conditional sixth round draft pick. This is a great move for the Panthers for many reasons; first he will help fortify a position that took a big blow when defensive end Charles Johnson injured his hamstring and is expected to be out eight weeks. He is a great insurance policy and will hopefully help the defense generate more pass rush, despite being 3-0 that has been a weakness of our team early in the season letting quarterbacks scan the field for way too long creating big chunk plays and forcing our defense to defend for long periods of time. That is something we have to fix has the competition stiffens in the coming weeks when we face guys like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew luck and Russell Wilson. Those guys are like sharks smelling blood in the water when they get time in the pocket to scan the field they will absolutely take us apart!

chicago-bears-defensive-end-jared-allenJared Allen is a great player not just an insurance policy since entering the league in 2004 he leads the NFL in sacks with 134 fumble recoveries with 19 and 161 disrupted drawbacks! I know his performance has dropped off since joining the Bears, but it was in the wrong situation because he is best in a 4-3 defense, which is what the Carolina Panthers are, and the Bears were a 3-4 and he didn’t seem very comfortable. I feel with him back in a system that he loves you, will thrive and amp up a pass rush that has been virtually nonexistent in the first three weeks of the year. Also Allen will be coming into a winning situation, whereas the Bears look hopeless and are in a rebuilding mode; I think Allen will be rejuvenated and give us the jolt we need on the defensive side of the ball.

Let’s not forget Luke Kuechly is recovering from a concussion and has a good chance to practice on Wednesday and play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Adding the captain back to the defense that’s been pretty good without him and then you add Jared Allen to a defense that already has Thomas Davis, Shaq Thompson, and Josh Norman. This sky’s the limit for this defense now and when fully heathy; I’m so excited to see what we can become with this new addition.


General manager Dave Gettleman has been a master at seeing a weakness in the team and filling it with a great player while being financially smart with every move he has made. This is no different the Panthers only have to pay 823,000 of the 11.5 million owed to Allen. He will also bring another veteran presence for all the young guys on the roster to learn from the matter what position they play. This move sends a great message to the team as well, showing that we want to win now, but we won’t mortgage our great future that we’ve built. I love that about Gettleman always looking to improve at the right price that’s exactly what this move does I love it. Welcome to the Queen City Jared Allen let’s ruin opposing quarterbacks days!! Go PANTHERS!!!

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Top 5 takeaways from Panthers vs Saints

The Carolina Panthers made us fans sweat again today a remarkable interception by Josh Norman helped preserve the 27-22 victory over the Luke Mccown led Saints to improve to 3-0 on the year! Here are my top five takeaways from the action in the Queen City!

1  Cam Newton was Superman again


This was the best overall performance by offense overcoming another slow start and erasing a 10-point deficit! The offensive line had another great performance, giving Cam Newton clean pockets enabling him to shred the Saints defense. He was 20 for 31 for 315 yards, two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown using all the tools in his tool belt to help lead this team to victory. 

He didn’t have to run a lot, but when he did it was effective converting to big fourth downs and one Houdini like escape to convert a key third-down! Here is a stat for you 41% of the time Cam Newton runs the ball; he converts a first down very impressive! He also didn’t have to overcome many drops I only remember one by backup tight end Ed Dickson that was the biggest improvement I saw in the offense this week.

Cam Newton looked very confident and I didn’t cringe like I usually do when he throws off his back foot because I didn’t see that today and when he’s smiling we are unstoppable I like this offense it’s fun to watch! We are going to need similar performances in the weeks to come when competition stiffens and I believe we can do that with the amount of confidence we are exhibiting after the  game.

2  Greg Olsen’s Career Day 


A huge contributor to  the big offensive day  was Mr. reliable tight end Greg Olsen, who had eight catches for a career-high 134 yards and two touchdowns! He took the Saints defense to school specifically cornerback Brandon Browner running right past him for a 52 yard chunk play that sparked the offense!

 The Saints left him wide open on many plays, all I can say is thank you, much appreciated! I continue to say this he is one of the best tight ends in the league;he is the veteran presence this offense needs with all the young players; Sunday his play seemed to rub off on the other receivers and opening up big plays for the offense!

Great execution all around and once again thank you to the Chicago Bears for giving us Greg Olsen! I anticipate the much of the same he might not have the record days that he had today, but opponents will have to account for him on every down opening up plays for our other playmakers; he will still get his numbers trust me he is too good!

3  Searching for a Pass Rush


There are a few concerns despite the victory the biggest being that we were unable to generate pressure against the quarterback Luke McCown allowing him to scan the field and find the holes in our secondary because they had to cover for long periods of time. McCown was 31 for 38 for 310 yards and that remarkable interception by Norman to seal the victory for the Panthers!

However, if this team wants to continue winning football games our pass rush must improve because we are going to be facing a gauntlet of quarterbacks in the coming weeks Andrew luck, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson to name a few. If it doesn’t get better soon we could in a world of hurt if we can’t get to the opposing quarterback. We also suffered a big loss on that front seven as defensive end Charles Johnson to a hamstring injury and the team fears he could miss several weeks a huge blow to a team that relies on the front seven so much.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is going to have to get creative with his play calling to amp up the pass rush if we want to continue our winning ways! I have no doubt we will look for reinforcements and find a way to get the quarterback on the ground anyway possible!

4.  Sign Josh  Norman to a Contract Extension Now

Lions Panthers Football

Forget Revis Island now beware Lake Norman  in three games he already has two interceptions one for a touchdown and a fumble recovery!  He is now a top corner in the NFL no doubt about it and I know 31 teams that would like to  rethink not drafting Norman  and he plays angry and with a chip on the shoulder because of that!  The Carolina Panthers have found themselves a star and they can’t let him slip away he needs to be signed now because he will be the most sought after corner if he hits the free-agent market.

I trust that our front office will get this deal done making sure he is in Carolina blue for a long time. I’m glad easing Carolina blue this year because I love seeing him once again ruin  all-pro wide receivers days it’s so much fun!


5 Too many Penalties Again 

I hope this is the last time I have to talk about as having too many penalties shooting ourselves in the foot helping the opponents gain momentum. We had 10 penalties for 88 yards  its really fixable and I hope the coaching staff will continue to preach smart play and doing away with the silly mental errors that end up making the fans and coaches  want to pull their hair out!  We just have to be a lot smarter in the coming weeks because we are playing quarterbacks with great instincts and could really take  advantage of those silly mistakes.


 The offense carried was awesome today putting up 431 total yards shredding the Saints much-maligned defense led by Rob Ryan! We looked the best we have in a while and the offensive line was a big reason why again like I said last week it looks like the biggest weakness coming into the season has been our biggest strength; keeping Newton upright is a big key to our success we did that today. 

The defense did enough forcing two turnovers and obviously the game clinching interception, but like I said the pass rush must improve if we want to continue winning football games! I saw a lot of good things in the game it was fun to watch!! The only thing that matters is we are 3-0, let’s make it 4-0 GO Panthers!!


Remembering A Legend 

On Tuesday night the world lost a baseball legend American hero and even better man; Yogi Berra passed away at the age of 90. Berra was a maestro on the baseball field, making it look easy day in and day out, but you know what his words and positive outlook on life might be even better than what you did on the field! In his 90 years on earth he influenced millions with his attitude effort and values. A life career that is unmatched it’s really impossible to justify everything that Yogi meant to everyone that he came in contact with but I’m going to try.


A Baseball Icon 

Yogi Berra is one of the best catchers and players ever to cross the white lines and play America’s National Pastime. In 19 years he put up numbers that will never be touched again, not even on a videogame. He was an 18 time All-Star and a draw dropping 10 time World Series champion I’d say that’s a nice round number for every finger! They say records are made to be broken, but this one is going to stand forever with the amount of parity in baseball today he can rest comfortably in heaven knowing that one will stick. He also is the only catch her in major league history to catch a perfect game in the postseason that’s not really a surprise since he also holds the record for most postseason games played with 75 that’s remarkable today you see players scratching and clawing to make the postseason once!


Overall he hit .285 with 358 homers and 1430 RBIs; he only struck out 414 times over the course of his 19-year career never striking out more than 38 in a season! Today that is an unthinkable stat as the philosophy is a strikeout is an out and it doesn’t matter! He was also a great defender throwing out 45% of would-be base stealers showing that he was the full package on both sides of the ball. Yogi Berra’s is a once in a lifetime player and I wish I could’ve seen him play! His playing career wasn’t enough for him, he also managed the Yankees to three AL pennants. It didn’t matter what he did in the game of baseball he was a champion. People will always think of him, as a great ballplayer, but let’s not forget Berra as a person!

The Man

Yogi Berra’s life was so much more than baseball, he served in the Navy and stormed the beach at Normandy on D-Day. Thinking about his country before himself a quality he exhibited every day in his life. When he talked you listened so many yogi-isms that not only were related to baseball, but life itself every time you hear these quotes  a smile should come across your face remembering Barra and his influence on the field and off! Thank you, Yogi Berra Rest in Peace!!!!

“I never said most of the things I said.”


“The game’s isn’t over until it’s over.” 


“It’s deja vu all over again.”

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Top 5 takeaways from Panthers vs Texans

The Carolina Panthers were able to grind out a 24-17 victory in the home opener over the Houston Texans to begin the season 2-0!  This game had a little bit of everything from an ugly start to a defensive stand  to squeak by the Texans.

1  Another slow start for the offense


The beginning of the game was very frustrating and honestly a snooze fest as the first five drives the Panthers had four three and outs and just one first down. A huge contributor to the slow starts is the lack of experience and the loss of the number one wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin! That showed up again on Sunday as the team had a few critical drops one on third and 13 by Ted Ginn Jr that would’ve continued the drive and most likely put some type of points on the board; the other was a laser thrown by Cam Newton right off of Kevin Norwood’s hands causing an interception and once again taking points off the board. Things that can’t continue if the team wants to continue to win football games.

The Positives 

The team was able to pick up the pace in the second half and put the sluggish start behind them. The two guys that have struggled with drops the most Ted Ginn Jr and Philly Brown caught the two touchdowns to help seal this victory! I love that the team still has confidence in these guys and will continue to throw them the ball no matter what happens. I also love the fact that Cam Newton put this team on his back, scrambling and running the ball taking pressure off of the wide receivers and giving the Texans something else to worry about opening up passing lanes. As you can see, the team still has things to work through with these young wide receivers, but they can be ironed out and with more reps these guys will get better I have no doubt the offense will look crisper in the weeks to come.

2. Too many  Penalties


The team also shot themselves in the foot on both sides of the ball with 10 penalties for 92 yards momentum killers for the offense and momentum starters for the opponents! Penalties are the most frustrating part of football because most of them are avoidable. In football the mental errors cost teams, games whether it extends drives and opponent score or they don’t, but it keeps your defense on the field for longer than they should have been. The trickle-down effect everywhere when you have too many penalties and something the Panthers must clean up, especially when we play Andrew luck and Aaron Rodgers, who have two of the best hard counts in the league. Another problem that is very fixable and that is what I like about the start for the Panthers yes, we have some shortcomings, but they are very fixable and we are very resilient and won’t let these obstacles stop us from getting to the promise land.

3. The Offensive Line was the MVP

PANTHERS_TEXANS_23 The biggest question mark for the Carolina Panthers coming into this season was how the revamped offense of line would perform in protecting Cam Newton; who has been hit and sacked the most since entering the league in 2011. It’s only been two games, but they’ve passed the test of my book, allowing just two sacks to a defense that has JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Brian Cushing. The offensive line did a great job as a whole on Sunday, but Mike Remmers did a hell of a job against JJ Watt preventing him from taking over the game! He only had five tackles and one sack we made him look human as he was pancaked on one play by Trai Turner. A perceived weakness looks to now have become a strength being able to stop one of the best defensive players in the league is a feather in our cap and confidence builder! These guys are playing with a chip on their shoulder and proving doubters that they can stop the best and help our offense succeed.

4. Josh Norman is a shutdown corner

Lions Panthers Football

The Panthers have found themselves a steal In Norman drafted in the fifth round in 2012 out of Coastal Carolina. he plays with the chip on his shoulder and one of those guys you love to have on your team, but hate to face. he lines up against the other teams best wide receiver. week one he faced Allan Robinson, whom he held to one catch for 27 yards against Miami Robinson had six catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns. In week two he faced Deandre Hopkins, who had nine catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns in week one versus Kansas City when facing the Panthers and Norman he only had five catches for 53 yards. if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will! This season he already has 10 tackles one forced fumble and one interception return for a touchdown. He is one of the best in the league  it’s fun to watch him ruin opponents days!

5. Kuechly does’t need to rush back 


 Luke Kuechly  suffered a concussion in the week one win over Jacksonville though doubt it’s a huge loss as he is the best middle linebacker in the league today, but  his replacement AJ Klein did a heck of a job in his place  making the defining play in the game intercepting Ryan Mallet  which led to the eventual game-winning score. He also added 10 tackles looking very comfortable in his natural position and didn’t miss a beat!  This performance just proves he can hold down the fort while Kuechly  gets healthy again people questioned  why we drafted  Shaq Thompson with our first round pick but now it seems genius as it just adds even more depth to an already ridiculously good position!  it will be great when Luke comes back but we are in good hands until he gets back healthy and ready to be that tackling machine we know and love!


  It obviously hasn’t been the prettiest of two games, but all that matters is the score on the scoreboard when the clock hits 00! If our offense is able to get off to better starts it will just allow our defense to continue to dominate! I think the team is making strides on offense and with more reps and more experience they will get better and we will have more confidence in them! Our defense and offensive line have stepped up huge in the first two games and I expect that to continue! the best part about this team is they just keep pounding not grind you until you can’t take it anymore! 2-0 feels so good, let’s make it 3-0, GO Panthers!!

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Top 5 Takeaways from NFL Week 1

The 2015 NFL season started with a bang reminding us why we love football so much! It was full of drama from missed kicks, head scratching calls and breakout performances it had it all! Here are my top five takeaways from week one on the gridiron.

1. Marcus Mariota Dazzles in Debut


One of the most intriguing matchup to kick-off the year was the Tennessee Titans vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup between the top two picks of this year’s draft Jamis Winston and Marcus Mariota! Mariota definitely got the better of this matchup proving he can throw the ball from under center something he never did in college at the University of Oregon! In fact, his first pass was from under center a play action pass bullet to Kendall Wright for his first career touchdown! It got better from there as he finished the game 13/16 for 209 yards and four touchdowns and perfect passer rating. those who were worried his game wouldn’t translate to the NFL I think he’s got it under control!

I know it’s only one game and they were playing the Bucs, who have lost 10 straight home games, but he definitely proved that he can hang with the big boys in the NFL! The Titans look like they have found a star in the making is going to be fun to see how he progresses throughout the season and how he looks versus stiffer competition.

2.  Big  injuries to star players

Dez Bryant

The NFL is a hard-hitting sport and injuries are bound to happen, but after one week of football teams should consider using bubble wrap to protect their players with so many key guys getting hurt. Topping that list is Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who broke his foot Sunday night versus the Giants and will be out at least 8 to 12 weeks, but the way people are talking it might be a full year. A big blow to the Cowboys it’s impossible to replace that production, but they proved Sunday night that they don’t need Bryant to win games although it would be a big help! No doubt the Cowboys will suffer without Bryant, but I don’t think it was the biggest loss to injury on Sunday. The reason I say that is as much as I hate to say it, they do have a pretty good quarterback Tony Romo that can cover some of that up!

Terrell Suggs


Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles for the second time in his career on Sunday; I think this is the most devastating loss for any team because the identity of the ravens is their defense and they just lost their best player and vocal leader on the defense. It’s going to be tough for the ravens to withstand this loss for an entire season because the only pass rusher they currently have is Elvis Dumervil and in the NFL you need a Robin to go with your Batman! The Ravens identity is their defense, especially now without weapons on the outside other than Steve Smith it could be a long year for the ravens, but it is only week one and they could surprise by its stifling going to be more difficult.

I do have to say something about those people who think this injury is karma for the low hit on Sam Bradford in the preseason you guys are crazy, yes it might have been a little low, but this in the NFL and you’re going to hit and even Sam Bradford himself said it’s football and that’s what happens. I would never wish injury on anyone and for those who think he deserved it check you because that’s just wrong. Unfortunately, the Ravens fear it might be a career ending for Suggs because he has already torn it before. All I can say is get better soon and good luck to the Ravens trying to replace him.

635780171627404286-USP-NFL-CAROLINA-PANTHERS-AT-JACKSONVILLE-JAGUARS-75867402Jay-Gruden-says-DeSean-Jackson-Will-Go-If-He-Can-Play-Through-Pain   indianapolis-colts-ty-hilton-knee-injury

Those were the two injuries that will impact their team for the entire season, but there were a couple of other stars that will cause short-term impact to their teams. Redskins wide receiver Desean Jackson suffered a hamstring injury that could sideline him for 3 to 4 weeks. T.Y Hilton Colts star receiver took a blow to the knee and is expected to miss one to two weeks. The last was Carolina Panther linebacker Luke Kuechly suffered a concussion is week to week because he must pass the protocol to get back on the field. As you can see, it was an active week for trainers,but the last few guys have the opportunity to be able to get back on the field and help the team win sooner rather than later making their loss little more bearable! Hopefully this is the last big injury filled week of the season.

3.   Sleepless in Seattle


The Seattle Seahawks have gone from 1 yard from being back to back Super Bowl champions to the talk of the NFL for the wrong reasons. On Sunday against the St. Louis Rams they once again had us scratching our heads first off going for an onside kick to start overtime secondly having your running back line up 5 yards deep on a fourth and one play to extend the game! Although they have said the kicker was supposed to kick it downfield and it was a miscommunication, I don’t know how in the world you can make that up; then they made the correct call running Marshawun Lynch, but he was lined up too far back against a pretty solid front seven that had sacked Russell Wilson six times during the game which allowed them to get great penetration and makes the play to win the game.

8582554.vadapt.620.high.48Seattle is trying to be too smart for their own good right now trying to make up for what they didn’t do in February; they’re putting extra pressure on themselves to make the perfect call on every play and sports is all about confidence and right now they have that seed of doubt about the play calling it could affect them throughout the entire season! Seattle has a bigger problem than shutdown corner Kam Chancellor is continuing his holdout for a new contract from the club; boy did they miss him on Sunday as they gave up 34 points and Chancellors’ backup got burned for the game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter. my message to Chancellor is come back here team they need you and you’re being a little bit selfish because your contract still has three years on it it’s not like you are a free agent after this year or anything. get back to what your best at playing football and let the contract situation run its course, trust me you will get your money!

4. The Rams and Bills must be taken seriously


On the positive side there were a couple of teams that were that had very impressive victories on Sunday. The St. Louis Rams defeated the Seattle Seahawks 34-31 in overtime it was a team effort as the defense sacked Russell Wilson six times caused a couple of turnovers giving Seattle a taste of their own medicine. Tavon Austin was the spark plug for the team scoring wise as he returned a punt for a touchdown proving he is a threat all over the field. Nick Foles also had a solid debut leading this offense he was 18 for 27 for 297 yards and a touchdown pass he did have two fumbles, but one of them was caused by the pressure from Seattle’s defense.

Lastly the Rams have a great stable of running backs to pair with Foles, Tre Mason, and Todd Gurley the 10th overall pick of this year’s draft has a chance to make his debut Sunday he has been recovering from a torn ACL they could have a deadly combination when they are healthy the sky’s the limit for this offense. the defense is one of the best in the league and very underrated So all I have to say for future opponent is beware and bring your A game!


The Buffalo Bills are also a scary team for opponents to face with a stout defense and versatile and athletic quarterback in Tyrod Taylor! They were able to silence Andrew Luck and that high-powered offense in their 27-14 victory over the Colts on Sunday very impressive and they have a renewed excitement with the Rex Ryan leading their squad. their defense is just going to get better with Ryan as their head coach and it was already pretty good without him I’m sorry for the quarterbacks that have to face that constant pressure, all I can say is you are going to need a lot of ice after the face this team.

The offensive side of the ball was more impressive as Tyrod Taylor did exactly what was asked of him extending plays getting first download the legs and completing simple passes and for good measure a deep ball to Percy Harvin for a touchdown. he finished the game 14 for 19 for 195 yards and one touchdown nothing fancy exactly what the Bills wanted out of him, especially with all the other toys he has to play with on the outside in Sammy Watkins Percy Harvin and Lesean Mccoy! This team will be led by their defense, but if Taylor can consistently provide these types of performances with no turnovers they will be a pretty formidable offense as well! I think they will be a pain in the side to all of their opponents and will put them to the edge every game look out for the Bills as well!

5. The Colts might be in  big trouble


The Colts have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and Andrew luck and he will be able to carry them victories the season, but my fear is when they face the tougher opponents with powerful offenses they will not be able to stop them from scoring and there’s only so much Andrew luck can cover up! honestly I think they are forgotten there is another side of the ball their defense is soft and has a tendency to give up big chunk plays! I also don’t like the stability of the front office and that coaching staff because it has been reported that coach Chuck Pagano and owner Jim Irsay have been at odds over his contract and the way he is running the club! The stability of the organization is a question and I could affect the play calling and overall performance on the field could suffer because of that. That definitely happened on Sunday when they took a pretty good beating from the Buffalo Bills.


I don’t think Coach Pagano will last the season as they have said he is a dead man walking so unless they are holding up the Lombardi trophy changes are coming to Indy in the near future. I do think they will win the division because of the lesser teams they will face I just don’t know how their defense will stack up against stiffer opponents. They will go as far as Andrew Luck and his arm take them I am just worried for their long-term stability and if that will affect the player’s willingness to stay in the organization.


 The NFL  is always exciting, but this was one of the more action-packed week’s we’ve had in quite some time; it sure is going to keep us talking throughout the whole season.  These are just a few storylines to follow throughout the season  to see if my predictions and thoughts are correct or way off!  The way week two  kick off I think we’re in for one of the wildest  NFL seasons ever!

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Panthers Ink Kuechly to a contract extension

The Carolina Panthers opened up their season Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but have already experienced a victory being able to lock up All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly to a contract extension! The contract is five years $62 million making him the well-deserved highest-paid linebacker in the NFL today! Since being drafted in 2012 he has quickly become one of the most feared linebackers in the league the stats are eye-popping! He already has 473 tackles, six sacks, seven interceptions and the cherry on top he was the 2012 defensive rookie of the year and 2013 defensive player of the year! Those stats just prove how big of a steal this deal is for the Carolina Panthers in the present and the future.

He is the glue to our defense now we are assured he will be in Carolina blue for the next five years makes me smile and want to hug GM Dave Gettleman and thank him for bringing consistency and excitement to the Queen city! Kuechly is not only a tackling machine on the field, but he has a great head on his shoulders and one of the best people off the field you’ll ever find! He is the full package and you know you have a dynamic player when opponents must game plan for one player gaining an advantage even before you hit the field that’s the mark of a franchise player.

One more thing to hammer home the point that he is the best linebacker in the league; newly elected Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian called Kuechly the Peyton Manning of defenses one of the highest compliments you’ll ever get in the NFL being compared to a five-time MVP and one of the best players of all time! We got ourselves a good one I can think of a few teams that would like to go back to the draft and redo their selection!

bildeThis off-season has been great for the Carolina Panthers and GM Dave Gettleman picking up value players that can play multiple positions and create depth is one of the most important aspects of an NFL roster! Also, locking up three of the most important players in Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, and Luke Kuechly keeping chemistry high! Allowing the primary focus to be on winning games and not the potential of losing stars that could disrupt the development of the franchise that is something I love about Dave Gettleman every move that he makes is best for the franchise, he doesn’t care if it upsets fans he just wants to bring a Lombardi trophy to Carolina and I can’t wait!

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Top 10 Carolina Panthers Right Now

Football season is thankfully right around the corner with a buzz back in the Carolinas about this season; despite some crushing injuries has me very excited to see what this team can do in 2015. In honor of the start of the season, here are my top 10 Panthers right now! Do you agree?

1.  Luke Kuechly


This is a pretty easy choice for me because in four years in the league, he has become the best middle linebacker in the NFL! We drafted him ninth overall out of Boston College in 2012; I didn’t know much about them, but what I’ve learned is he is a tackling machine and an animal on the football field! In his short career, he has already won the defensive rookie of the year and the NFL defensive player of the year award also he led the league in tackles last season with 153! In total he already has 453 tackles and seven interceptions, which leads the team. He is the leader of this defense flying around the football field every down.

He is in opposing coaches and quarterbacks nightmares because he has a nonstop motor and will do anything to help this team win. The newly elected Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian said, “He is the Peyton Manning of defenses” that just shows you how much respect and admiration people outside of the Panthers organization show to him. Not only is he amazing on the football field, he is one of the most personable guys you will ever listen to and has a great head on his shoulders that is kind of hard to find in the NFL today. He is the total package on the field and off the field. I am so glad the Panthers drafted him because our defense would definitely not be where it is without him that is why he tops my list!

2. Cam Newton 


Newton has been a spark plug for this offense since being drafted first overall in 2011. Announcing his presence quickly winning the offensive rookie of the year in 2012 showing the Panthers made the right choice. He has offered great stability and playmaking ability while putting up video game type numbers and making defenders look silly; in his career he has 14,426 passing yards and 82 touchdowns. He also is a threat with his legs with 2,571 rushing yards and 33 touchdowns, amazing that one human being can affect a game in so many ways. Let’s just say I am happy he is in Carolina blue for many years to come.

He also is a great leader and my favorite part about him is that he is one of the most passionate and intense quarterbacks that I’ve ever watched play. People don’t like when he pouts when things aren’t going well, but that just means he cares so much and wants to win every play and every game. I respect that greatly and don’t care what the haters say they’re just upset he is not on their team. Superman is going to be better than ever in 2015 and I can’t wait to watch him shred defenses. He is the most important part of our offense, when he goes we go!

3. Thomas Davis 


Thomas Davis is entering his 11th season with the Carolina Panthers and he has been a great leader and even better player! He is one of the best linebackers in the NFL today and an inspiration for every football player that goes through any adversity Davis has torn his ACL three times and come back better than ever each and every time. Here’s what I mean last season he had 100 tackles and two forced fumbles and in his career, he has 730 tackles 13 forced fumbles and six interceptions! Amazing what he’s been able to do on the football field and now with Luke Kuechly the Carolina Panthers have the best linebacker duo in the NFL and I don’t think it’s close. He is definitely the veteran leader that helped lead this defense for years and I’m glad he will be in Carolina blue for the remainder of his career!

What he has done on the football field speaks for is great, but what he does for the fans and the community is even better! He helps the Carolinas thrive with he and his family’s charitable organizations, that allows families and children to have a place to learn and develop a bright future for them. He is so kind with his time and wants to see kids succeed; he will do anything to help foster that. For that he was awarded the 2015 Man of the year award and it couldn’t have happened to a better person.

4. Kelvin Benjamin


The Carolina Panthers found themselves a star in Kelvin Benjamin drafting him 28th overall in the 2014 draft. We took him 28th overall I think he has already become a steal for the Panthers and Dave Gettleman who is a great evaluator of talent. He took the NFL by storm, becoming quarterback Cam Newton’s favorite target right away and for good reason; setting Panther rookie records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns with 79 catches 1008 yards and nine touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Benjamin suffered a torn ACL in camp while this is a huge blow for the Panthers in the immediate future, I believe Benjamin will come back better than ever! He has so much talent and skill he won’t be down for long. We will have the pleasure of hearing Newton to Benjamin for the touchdown for many years to come I’m very excited about that! He may not be able to play this year, but he has the opportunity to develop into a great leader and help this team any way he can while getting healthy.  He may be young, but he is going to be a stud in this league that is why he is number four on my list!

5. Greg Olsen 


Greg Olsen is entering his fifth season with the Carolina Panthers and become the most underrated tight end in the league in my opinion. He has no doubt become old reliable for quarterback Cam Newton to play breaks down or he just needs to find his rhythm. Olsen is coming off his best year as a pro with 84 receptions for 1,008 yards and six touchdowns that productivity resulted in his first Pro bowl selection. In 2015 I predict much of the same, especially with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin and the sudden inexperience at the wide receiver position. Thank you Chicago Bears for giving us one of the best tight ends in football much appreciated!  He will also provide great veteran leadership for the young guys and help them develop and learn on the job.

 Jonathan Stewart 


Stewart is entering his eighth season with the Panthers; first as the feature back as Deangelo Williams is now with the Steelers. Stewart is a bruiser when running the ball, he just keeps those legs going to fight for every inch. He also is a great pass catcher on screen passes or if the play breaks down. He has great ability to take those short passes and turn them into big gainers. A great compliment to Newton, who is also a dual threat this combination could be very effective this season. Last season was a decent year he rushed for 809 yards and three touchdowns he also caught a touchdown as well. This season just feels like a breakout year for Stewart being the lead dog taking command of the running game in 2015 leading this young group to the promised land.

He has had a solid career thus far averaging 4.6 yards per rush and 30 total touchdowns. He is a guy that floats under the radar, but this year he has a great opportunity to take the NFL by storm and become one of the top running backs in 2015! I’m excited to see how he takes to this new role because the Panthers success is predicated on good defense and a solid running game if we have both of those this season we are going to be tough to beat!

7. Mike Tolbert 

Carolina Panthers v San Diego Chargers

Mike Tolbert is entering his fourth season with the Carolina Panthers he is not your average fullback catching passes out of the backfield running on short yardage situations and being the lead blocker in the running game. At 5’9 250 pounds Tolbert is like tackling a tree and is a matchup nightmare for defenses in many different ways. Last season was cut short due to injury and the running game suffered mightily after that, but back in fully healthy “Tub of Goo” is back and ready to dominate. He has had a very underrated career with 533 rushing attempts for 2,032 yards and 32 touchdowns pretty good for a fullback! I hope to see more of those great dance moves in 2015 that means we are scoring a lot of points!

8. Charles Johnson

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers

Charles Johnson is entering his ninth season with the Carolina Panthers he is one of the most important pieces to our defense wreaking havoc in the opponents back fields becoming a pain in the neck for opposing quarterbacks. Last season was a solid year, despite nagging injuries he had 41 tackles, three forced fumbles and 8 1/2 sacks. He has had a great career as well with 267 total tackles, 16 forced fumbles, and 62 1/2 sacks. He is the key for our pass rush and helping out the secondary which has been suspect in past years however it has gotten better! Although, this defense has many good players Johnson is a person that we can ill afford to lose with depth being an issue and Kony Ealy being a young guy.

As long as Johnson can stay relatively healthy, he will have a great year for this vaunted Carolina defense. He honestly could be higher on this list, but we have so many quality players it’s hard to separate them, but he is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL for a third round pick, he has definitely become a steal for the Carolina Panthers!

9. Ryan Kalil 


Ryan Kalil is entering his tenth year with the Panthers it was important for me to put him on this list because he has been the glue to our offensive line in protecting the quarterback and creating a rhythm for the offense game after game.He is also very durable in five of his nine seasons, he has started all 16 games and in his career, he has started 103 games, giving an offensive line that has been a revolving door over the past few years great stability. He is a great veteran for all of our young players to learn from!  This team has veteran sprinkled throughout the roster that can help the young guys no matter what position they play!

10. Josh Norman 

Lions Panthers Football

Josh Norman is entering his fifth season with the Carolina Panthers and he has become one of the best shutdown corners in the NFL! He was drafted in the fifth round out of Coastal Carolina; I think he is upset that he was overlooked for that long because he plays with a chip on his shoulder every game. He has become our mini Steve Smith because of the fire, he plays with on every play and he will take no crap from any wide receiver he goes against!

Last season was a solid one for Norman with 48 tackles one forced fumble and one interception. he looks to build on that solid season paired with the veterans we added this off-season Kurt Coleman, Charles Tillman and Roman Harper are secondary looks like it’s going to be a strength being led by Josh Norman in 2015! if I had to rank Josh Norman at 10 you know we have great players on our team and I’m excited to see what we will be able to do!


This was a really tough list for me to put together, but this just shows you the quality talent the Carolina Panthers have been able to draft and acquire throughout the years! Not only do we have great players, but we have great people that care about his fan base and community and the way the NFL is today that is a great aspect of this team! Hope you enjoy Go Panthers!