My NFL Picks for 2014

AFC West winner- This one is pretty easy for me to pick because,anyone with Peyton Manning I am going to pick them. Denver is going to win they have the most potent offense and it’s going to be to keep up with them. However, I do think San Diego and Kansas City will fight hard and one of them will get wild card. The reasons why are San Diego has a great offense and Kanas City as dominate defense. This will be one interesting division to watch.

AFC NORTH winner- This division will come down to Baltimore and Pittsburgh because they are most experienced and were able to add veteran leadership in the offseason. I don’t think the Bengals can overcome the loss of offensive coordinator Jay Gurden and Andy Dalton as been very inconsistent. I believe that the Baltimore will win because the offense has gotten better and Pittsburgh has an aging defense I think that will hurt them.

AFC SOUTH winner- This is pretty straight forward for me the most complete team in this division Indianapolis Colts will win. NO Quarterback questions that pretty much is the reason they will win this division.

AFC EAST WINNER- Much like the Denver anybody with Tom Brady I’m going to pick him what he’s been able to do with little experience is amazing. That’s why I think the New England will win division and they’ve been able to add veteran pieces like Darrelle Revis and a good WR in Brandon Lafell. I think the rest of this division has way too many questions Dolphins- QB inconsistency,Offensive line Jets-QB inconsistency,Offensive line, Bills- Young Inexperience, but I like the direction they are going.

NFC WEST winner- I think it will be standard like last couple of years Seattle and San Fran I believe Seattle will win because they didn’t lose many pieces from their defense a consistent offense and a big X- Factor The 12th man. I think it will come down to the last weekend to decide the winner,because San Fran is basically the same team it’s a coin flip. The key is injuries if the other teams want to contend.

NFC East Winner- The Eagles will win this division too many offensive weapons and with all other teams having horrible defenses and still questions for every team. I think that’s the thing all other teams have to worry about because the goal is to keep the other team out of endzone and it will be a struggle for every team to stop the Eagles.

NFC NORTH-This is the hardest one for me to pick because all teams have improved with Golden Tate to Detroit paired with Calvin Johnson could be deadly. Julius Peppers to help that Green-Bay Defense and a great offense with Arron Rodgers. Chicago bears will be scary with Jarred Allen added to that defense and if Jay Cutler can throw to the right jerseys. Ultimately I think the Green-Bay Packers because of the experience and their quarterback. Another than that not much can separate the teams, this is going to be a fun division to watch.

NFC South winner I am biased in this division because my favorite team is the Panthers and I think we will win because I have to be confident in my team and we still have a great defense and special teams. Our offense is the biggest question mark losing our entire wide receiving core and most offensive line to retirement, so if we want to have a good offense we must rely on running game and keeping Cam Newton upright. it’s going to be tough to repeat because it has never happened in the history of our division,and the amount of talent we must compete with Matt Ryan and Drew Brees will be tough. However, I believe in my team so GO Panthers!!

This season is going to be fun I can’t wait


Braves shaking things up

I believe the Atlanta Braves are making the right moves to have the best chance to win every night. First releasing the long struggling Dan Uggla who hit an anemic .162 with just 2 home runs and lost his starting job in May. I liked Dan as a person and a player,but the fact is you have to produce to play and he didn’t do that so we did the right thing in cutting ties with him, and now finally playing with a full roster since May. Financially it is not the best case for the braves because we owe him 19 million until the end of next year,but it had to be done because this became a distraction in the clubhouse and affected the chemistry of the team and, we don’t need that while trying to win a division and more.

Another great move that we just made toady was sending down Luis Avilan who is struggling mightily and needs to work on things,because lefties are so important to retire in todays game. Our minor league system doesn’t miss a beat. hopefully the new guy Chasen can stabilize that put of bullpen for now.
The thing that we will focus on the trade deadline is bullpen like every team and bench,because the deeper your team is the scarier we are.
We are definitely trending in the right direction and, we are making every move to put the best team on the field to win games!! GO BRAVES



It’s the official end a major-league baseballs first half, its been very entertaining with the second wildcard in play giving more teams a chance to play in the postseason. With the amount of tommy-john surgeries we’ve seen I believe the teams that make the postseason will have the most depth. Here are my predictions for the divisions

THE AL EAST Winner- Baltimore Orioles because they are the youngest team had the least amount of injuries most consistent lineup.

THE AL CENTRAL Winner- Detroit Tigers Best lineup veteran starting pitching, but they must fix their bullpen.

AL WEST Winner- Oakland A’S because they have been the most consistent in every aspect and with the starting pitching I don’t see prolonged losing streaks, but it will come down to wire with Angels.

NL EAST Winner- I am biased with this one because they are my Favorite team Atlanta Braves. I think we will win because of how well we play head to head with Washington and our pitching, but we must resolve the left handed reliever and the Dan Uggla situation.

NL WEST Winner- Las Angeles Dodgers to much starting pitching to lose and a dynamic lineup with speed and power mix.

NL Central Winner- this is the toughest one, but I think the St Louis Cardinals just because of the experience and stating pitching, but the loss of Yadiar Molina could be a decisive blow in them not winning because he means everything to them in more ways than one. So this is anyone’s guess.

I think there might be one more blockbuster trade that will shake everything up again.


Houston We Have A Problem

A promising Houston sports trend in Houston has turned into a bit of nightmare, because on the day Lebron breaks up the big 3 in Miami Houston thought they were going to create a new big 3 in Houston including James Harden, Dwight Howard, and Chris Bosh that didn’t happen. Bosh decided to re-sign with Heat for 5 years and 118 million dollars, which surprised me because with the Heat losing out on Lebron heading back to his beloved hometown of Cleveland there’s not much for Miami to work with, and I think Houston has a legit chance to win now that’s why Bosh’s decision surprised me, but money speaks volumes I guess. Now Houston’s left scratching their heads losing out on 2 big ticket free agents one they thought was a sure thing in Bosh. It’s not that they still don’t have a good team that can contend, but it’s what could’ve been.

The other big team in Houston no not the Astros, but Houston Texans are dealing with problems with their best player in Andre Jonson wants out , which who could blame him with the revolving door at the quarterback position in the past couple years. Don’t get me wrong they could have one of the most feared defenses in the NFL next year, but you got to put points on the board to win football games. If your best player wants whether you say you’re not going to trade him or not if he’s not happy it doesn’t bode well for an already young team, with quarterback issues on top of that.

All Houston sports teams are searching for answers right now; it will be interesting how the teams will handle the unwanted scenarios they are in right now. I think they will be fine, but they will have to be crafty with the moves they make.


All The ‘Heat’ is on Lebron to make a decsion

We are a couple weeks into NBA Free agency and none of the big free agents have made a decision on where they will play next season. The main reason for this is the best player in the league over the past 10 years LeBron James is mulling over his options which includes heading back to his hometown and where he almost single handedly brought them a couple of championships.

Another option is to create a new super team, which is the least likely in my mind because LeBron has expressed little interest in any other teams so I will be shocked if another super team is created with LeBron unless with the Miami Heat. The last option is to return to the Miami Heat where he has made 4 straight finals and 2 championships. Those are the 3 most likely options what

I believe will happen is he will go back to Cleveland because it’s his beloved hometown and wants to bring them a championship. Then the trickle-down effect will start Chris Bosh will go to Houston other free agents like Carmelo will go back to New York and we will see how the NBA Season shakes out from there but, LeBron has the ultimate power and will shake up the NBA no matter what he chooses.


The Caption’s Final Salute

The All-Star game is a very special time for everyone involved but more so in the past five years baseball has saluted many veterans for what they’ve been able to do in their major league baseball careers this year is no different as we sauté The Caption Derek Jeter on his legendary 20 year Yankee career, and he is on my Yankee Mount Rushmore which is Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.

Many people may dispute me on my choices but when I think of the Yankees I think of Derek Jeter the ultimate professional on and off the field. Oh and he has the stats to back it up too. With a career .311 batting average 534 career doubles, which is the most in Yankee history and probably the most impressive stat is he has 3400 hits and counting. The icing on the cake if any is needed he is a 5-time World Champion and a 14-Time All-star to say the least he is among MLB elites.

Look everyone that knows me knows I hate the Yankees (sorry uncle pat he works for them) but I have the upmost respect for what Jeter as done for baseball and the Yankees and one of my favorite players in baseball!!!! NO Doubt



NFL Just Around The Corner

Everyone including me is missing the hard hitting Sundays on the gridiron it’s not far away just 9 more Sundays until its back. This is going to be one of the most interesting seasons to date because of the amount of quarterback controversies that could affect the landscape of many teams. The most talked about one is the Cleveland Browns having Johnny Football now the 3rd QB selected at 22 overall in the last 5 years the 1st 2 have not worked out. I ultimately believe Johnny football will eventually start football games to put butts in Cleveland seats because he is one of the most exciting players in football. I also believe the situation in Minnesota will be turned over to the 32nd overall pick Teddy Bridgewater just because they don’t have a really great option in Matt Cassel who only had one good year as Tom Brady’s backup and I think anyone could win in New England.

Another thing I am looking is the players that have changed teams to have an immediate impact including Steve Smith who had to say the least a messy divorce with Carolina. He signed a 3 year deal with Baltimore pairing with Torrey Smith could be a scary duo for defenses. Another player I think will have great year is another toy for the always inventive Chip Kelly Darren Sproles who is one of the most dynamic players and can change the course of a game. Those are 2 players that could change the landscape of the league.

My team the Carolina Panthers is in a transition in leadership department with now Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly and in the wide receiving core with our top 5 receivers leaving willingly or unwillingly. Going to be very interesting how the offense will work with a make shift offense all around with 3/4 of the offensive line retiring. Ultimately we are going to win on our defense this year maybe our offense will be a pleasant surprise but right now I don’t see it. NFL this year is going to great in its own way going to be fun to watch!! GO PANTHERS