From Carson-Newman To Miami Marlins

Carson-Newman is a division 2 school with a very respectable baseball program led by coach Tom Griffin. In tenor has produced many winning seasons and the only major league player in program history closing pitcher for the Miami Marlins Steve Cishek

Steve is a sidearm pitcher 91-94 MPH fastball and a disappearing slider, which is devastating he also sprinkles in a change-up to keep hitters off balance, not a fun at bat for anyone he is quite nasty.

Before being drafted by Miami in 2007 he was the closer for Carson-Newman eagles and I got the pleasure of watching him for all 4 years, as my brother was the catcher for Carson Newman, Jonathan McMahon and man were they a dynamic duo with my brothers catching ability and Steve’s nasty pitching man it was fun to watch.

Since being called up in 2010 he is one of the most under-rated pitchers and closers in the big leagues posting a 2.63 ERA, 79 careers save and 240 innings pitched pretty impressive considering the lack luster years Miami has had, but their future is looking up with the young talent they have in their pitching staff and the stud power hitter Giancarlo Stanton and with Steve cleaning up at the back end of games, they will be a force for a long time.

Steve is a great closer and person I am happy to call him my friend ☺! He just shows you no matter where you go to college if you have talent you will be found. He has represented the Eagles in the best way possible on and off the field. Love watching him on the field! ☺


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