My Thoughts On Struggling Braves

Look, these past few weeks have been miserable to watch as a fan and I am sure for the players because they are all professionals and this is their job so when it’s not going well it sucks for all involved. However, I believe Fredi Gonzalez needs to put his foot down and make changes to send a message that we are better than this and we need to start acting like it. These are some changes that I think must be made!
The changes that need to happen immediately to turn things around are to bench BJ Upton who is hitting an awful .211; he must be replaced by the newly acquired Emilio Bonifacio who is hitting in the .270s, has great speed, and bunting ability, and the most important stat of all only strikes out 16.4% of the time a typical leadoff hitter. The perfect shot in the arm this team needs, this will also tell the players if you’re not playing well you’re not going to play.

Next, permanently take Mike Minor out of the rotation he has just not had it this year posting 5.57 ERA and .375 average vs lefties, which is unthinkable considering he posted a batting average against lefties under .200 last year. Put Minor in the bullpen and put David Hale in his most comfortable place the starting rotation where he pitched great because he was able to get in the flow of the game and he gives us a better chance to win than Minor does as we stand right now.

Last I believe someone in our clubhouse needs to light a fire under us don’t be afraid to get mad at someone or get thrown out or the simplest think cuss loud so we can here it show some more passion because that’s the only way we are going to turn it around. We also need to quit putting so much pressure on ourselves to execute it’s a team game and it is going to take all 25 guys to get it done. We aren’t getting blown out at all just got to tighten those things up!

We have 9 more games against the Nationals we could be in a worst position, but we aren’t we are only 3.5 back but we’ve got to turn it around. Gut check time put up or shut up in the dog days of august! GO BRAVES!!


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