Trade Deadline Madness

We are 3 days removed from one of the craziest deadlines’ in years and if there is one thing we learned teams are going for it. With the 1st blockbuster bombshell when John Lester was dealt to the Oakland A’s who are playoff hungry and in that deal they took a risk in dealing there clean up hitter Yoenis Cespedes,but it’s a move that shows Oakland is not messing around win now moves.

The team that had the gold chip was the Tampa Bay Rays with David Price who I thought they should have waited until the offseason because the package does’t add up to the talent and what David Price meant to Tampa Bay,who was dealt to the Detroit Tigers making their rotation unstoppable with 4 former CY Young winners and the Era winner from last season. This is a move to counter the busiest team in the Oakland A’s who are trying to reach the next step after being beat by Detroit the past two seasons. It’s like Detroit and Oakland are playing chess and Detroit might’ve just said checkmate with acquiring David Price it will be fun to watch if it comes down those 2 teams late in october.

The team that did the worst at the deadline was the Philadelphia Philies not getting rid of their old roster and being tied up in ridiculous contracts Philles are in a baad situation Ruben Amaro Jrs’ days are numbered in Philadelphia.

My Team the Atlanta Braves are in a bad place right now losing 6 in a row with nothing going right,but a sliver lining is that we are only 3.5 back of Nationals and we were able to fill our needs with Emilio Bonifacio for our bench and I think should leadoff for struggling BJ Upton. We were also to get James Russell a lefty reliever to fill a great weakness that we’ve had.

This Trade Deadline shows teams are going for it and the next two months are going to fun to watch.


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