A Story Left Unfinished


Sports teams become part of families all around the world, following everything about that team daily, and for that matter sports in general! When tragedy strikes we feel like we lost a piece of us. Sunday the baseball world was hit with a bombshell as top prospect Oscar Tavares died in a car crash! Tavares was just getting his feet wet in the game being tabbed as the Cardinals next Albert Pujols big shoes to fill, but had the talent to do so!

Just 2 weeks ago he sent the state of St. Louis into a frenzy hitting a walk off homer in NLCS that would be his last at bat ever, but man was it memorable! Baseball legacies usually take years to create but his was built by that one swing and he will be remembered by that!! His life and baseball career ended way to soon.I wish we could’ve seen what else he had in store because it looked like he had the it factor to be one of the great!! One thing is for sure Heavens batting average just got a little better!!

R.I.P Oscar Tavares you will be missed!!


Jerry World buzzing

As we are in week 8 in the NFL season, there have been many surprises none bigger than ‘Americas team’ Dallas Cowboys 6-1 start! Let me start by saying I don’t like the Cowboys, but they’ve been impressive with a unstoppable running game with DeMarco Murray who is the 1st running back to ever rush for 100 yards in 7 straight games that is insane!! The offensive line has made some of the best defenses look foolish and they have made Jerry Jones look like I genius and feed his huge ego, when you are 6- 1 I guess you can say and do whatever you want!!

The most important position on the field is the quarterback position and Tony Romo might be the most scrutinized quarterback in the NFL today! I am one to be very hard on him, for his costly turnovers throughout his Dallas cowboy career that make Dallas Cowboys fans sick to their stomachs. That is not the case this year channeling his inner superman with some of plays he has made this season including spinning out of the grasp of JJ watt the most feared defensive player in the NFL today to throw a game changing touchdown and many other jaw dropping plays that have led to cowboys victories this season.

I may give Tony Romo a lot of flack, but he is a gamer coming off 2 back surgeries and very upfront when things aren’t going right. The Cowboys are in a good spot right now, but they must be smart and continue to do what got them to this point and hope Tony Romo continues to be the good version. Don’t be to cocky Cowboys fans but, it’s an impressive start!!


Cinderella Postseason

This postseason has shown why Major League baseball is the National Pastime with many surprises! The big money favorites were shocked big time as the Cinderella teams Royals and Orioles flexed their muscles in series sweeps. Both in very different ways as the Royals used speed, pitching and defense whereas the Orioles used their power and took advantage of an awful Detroit bullpen, and that is being nice as they gave up 21 runs in the 8th in the series.

The Royals have had a flare for the dramatic with a postseason record 4 extra inning victories, putting their fans on the edge of their seats and causing a lot of mini heart attacks along the way! They might have the key piece to the puzzle a dominate bullpen with 4 guys that can throw over 100 Mph and, an 8th inning guy that has a 1.00 Era and as only given up 4 extra base hits all year that’s insane! The Royals look poised to ride the magic carpet to their 1st World Series appearance since 1985 after a 21-year postseason absence.

The other huge surprise is the Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw and the best pitcher in MLB right now faced his kryptonite the St Louis Cardinals, cruising though seven with a 6 to 1 lead things fell completely apart, giving up 8 and everybody had to pick up their jaws at the turn of events. He might have been left in to long, but would you rather have a 20 game winner try to punch his way off the ropes or put trust in an inconsistent bullpen it was the right decision just didn’t work out. The crazy thing about Kershaw is he has lost 4 straight postseason starts. When the lights are bright he seems to struggle a bit.

The main things we have learned about this postseason thus far it the amount of money you spend, it’s the names on the back of those jerseys that have to go out there and execute. Another glaring theme of this postseason is you must have a great bullpen with so many extra inning games and close nail batting finishes. The bullpen is a big key to a deep October run as we’ve seen and will continue to see as we come down the stretch run. This postseason has been great to watch, even though the Braves aren’t in it I’m excited see how it ends up!