Chargers Moving to LA: What should we expect

The NFL landscape changed greatly Thursday as the San Diego Chargers officially relocated to Los Angeles joining the Rams. This move has been discussed for the last three years, so it’s not much of a surprise. I feel terrible for the city of San Diego and their fans losing part of their identity has to be a hard pill to swallow. The Chargers owner Alex Spanos is partially to blame for this move because I don’t think the invested enough in his organization to make them perennial contenders year after year.

As a result, the teams play has been mediocre over the last handful of years, thus causing a big decline in average attendance the last two seasons, ranking 19th and 31st respectively resulting in declining revenue for both the team and the city. Ultimately the final nail in the San Diego Chargers coffin was the inability to come to terms on a new stadium. A conversation that has been going on for the better part of 15 years, finally came to an end and the Chargers are packing their bags for Los Angeles.

The National Football League is a business and having two teams in Los Angeles opens up numerous revenue opportunities because it’s such a big market. However, this could backfire at least in the short term because both of these teams are in a transitional period the Charges with an aging quarterback and they don’t have the future on the roster currently to learn from Philip Rivers, which could set them back even more.

As you can see, there are tons of questions for the Charges and last time I checked it’s important to win games and get people excited about the organization’s direction and honestly this organization is in flux. Theoretically relocation to Los Angeles should help revenue, but you are competing with the Rams. Whom have a young quarterback and running back to build around with a top 10 defense. For those reasons I am more confident in the Los Angeles Rams long-term future than I am the Los Angeles Chargers even though they have good pieces to build around, but a quarterback is essential for success.

Despite all the questions this team faces new situations create new opportunities that’s the best part about this entire situation. The Chargers have a clean slate with a new coach and a new city where they can build a lasting legacy. Although, Philip Rivers is aging and they need to look at the draft for the future, he is still a very capable quarterback to lead them to victories. They also must avoid the backbreaking injuries and fourth-quarter blunders. The reality is it doesn’t matter where you play your games a little luck and smart football always applies.

This team has definitely lacked those qualities over the last couple years and that must change if they want to start winning on a consistent basis. Another positive thing about this move is they have a chance to make a great first impression and make the city of San Diego regret they weren’t able to get that new stadium. I hope they have success in Los Angeles for all their fans across the country.