Rex Ryan fired by Bills

Yesterday, Rex Ryan became the third head coach to be handed a pink slip after just two seasons as the Buffalo head coach. Although I wasn’t in love with the hire when it happened, I think Buffalo had a pretty quick hook for Ryan especially in the division led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Buffalo Bills organization is about as unstable as it can get they will be on the 10th head coach in 17 years. It looks like it will be a long road back to contention for the bills as they have more questions than answers especially at the quarterback position.

I think Rex Ryan’s undoing started when he hired his brother Rob Ryan as assistant coach and defensive coordinator because the last two places Rob has coached he has led two of the worst defenses in recent memory while with the Saints and Cowboys. Not only that, it the team fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman after just four weeks he was one of the highest-paid assistants in the league.

This shows Ryan didn’t surround himself with the right coaching staff to get the most out of his players. Also, there were a lot of big personalities that one in their opinion known, especially on the defensive side of the ball causing tension between the defense and coaches. As one player put it there were too many cooks in the kitchen and Ryan had lost that part of the locker room. That’s really bad considering Ryan’s forte was defense as a coach, but somehow during his tenure, they went from leading the league in sacks to the bottom of the barrel in the NFL.

Lastly, Ryan and the GM Doug Whaley had a rocky relationship and weren’t on the same page at the quarterback position. This would definitely the last straw for Whaley and the Bills ultimately decided to move on. The team has decided to bench starter Tyrod Taylor to avoid a significant injury because if that were to occur the team will owe Taylor 30.5 million in guaranteed money. I agree with this decision because as I said the GM was very noncommittal about Taylor as the teams’ long-term solution at quarterback.

The only sure thing on the Buffalo Bills as they stand currently is running back Lesean Mccoy, but has struggled with multiple injuries in his career and while in Buffalo. Other than that, what the 2017 bills will look like is up in the air because they’ve yet to establish an identity that every team needs to succeed in the NFL.

The one thing I do like is it has been reported that interim head coach Anthony Lynn is the leading candidate to become the permanent head coach, I like this because you’re hiring from within and it seems like the offense has gotten better since he’s taken over so they won’t have to learn a completely new scheme if he does get hired permanently. The Buffalo Bills have a lot figure out if they want to contend anytime soon. They made Rex Ryan the scapegoat now what is their next move?