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Just four games in Grey Hairs are coming fast

It’s no secret the Atlanta Braves are building for the future and it’s going to be a rough 2016 season as we bid farewell to Turner Field. However, I don’t think we could’ve gotten off to a worse start with a 0-4 record and just plain bad baseball. I understand getting beat by an opponent that’s fine, but beating yourself is inexcusable, especially at the highest level it’s really gut-wrenching.

In the first three games we blew leads of the 3-2, 1-0, and 4-0 for a team like the Braves, who aren’t expected to make much noise they have to protect every lead they have throughout the season early on they haven’t done that. The defense has been the main culprit of that it’s been putrid.

Starting with opening day AJ Pierzynski dropped the last out, allowing the tying run to score. Then in extra innings Gordon Beckham botching a routine throw allowing the eventual game-winning run on base. The ugliness has continued in the three games that have followed we made five total errors in the two games against the Cardinals and frankly there could’ve been more.


Erick Aybar is the new shortstop replacing the defensive wizard Andrelton Simmons. It’s been a nightmare start for Aybar you hold your breath when the ball is it to him right now he botched a tailor-made double play yesterday that could have kept the game from getting so out of hand. It’s almost like he has the yips when any ball is hit to him. It’s making many question Simmons trade already because I honestly think we could have two victories if he was still on our roster. It’s something that has to get turned around quickly or Aybar might be on the pine sooner rather than later.

In the first four games the team has committed eight errors, not to mention all of the past balls and drop balls behind the dish. I didn’t expect to be world-beaters this year nobody did, but I didn’t think I’d have to wear a blindfold while watching us play. Not to mention our bullpen set a record on Friday night surrendering three pinch-hit homers that has never happened in major league history.

No question the first week has been something to forget for the Braves, but they are professionals and they see what is happening just as much as the fans do and I think they will iron out their defensive issues and at least play cleaner baseball games. If not we might see those youngsters here faster than we thought no matter where they are in our system.

I’m going to watch every game we play no matter what! That doesn’t mean I’ll make it through every one of them, though my advice for every Braves fan out there when you watch this team play make sure you have something to distract yourself with. That is the only way we are all going to make it through 162 games God help us!


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