Hunter leaves great legacy

On Monday 19-year veteran and 5-time all-star Torii Hunter announced his retirement riding off into the sunset after a great career. He in my opinion is one of the best outfielders to ever play this game with nine Gold gloves he was a pitcher’s best friend and a hitter’s nightmare making one highlight reel play after another. His most famous play was when he brought back Barry bonds homerun in the 2002 Midsummer classic. One of the best moments in All-Star game history just one of many great moments, Hunter provided while on a baseball diamond.


He was no slouch at the plate either in 2015; he hit .240 with 22 home runs and 81 RBIs pretty good for a 40-year-old. In his career, he hit a solid .270 with 353 home runs and 1391 runs batted in showing he could do it all just a baseball player. We all know is he had great ability on the field, but something I loved about him was his infectious smile he had whether he was on the field or doing an interview and it didn’t ever seem to leave his face unless he didn’t like an umpire’s call.

He had one of the best attitudes in baseball willing to instill his wisdom with anyone that would listen and also teaching young guys how to be professional on and off the field. He is a guy that I hope will get back into the game somehow after a couple years because he is one of the best baseball minds that is ever played. I think he has had a Hall of Fame caliber career and should be in Cooperstown someday.

He left a special legacy and those who were able to learn and be around him were lucky soaking up all the baseball knowledge and infectious personality he brought to the diamond every single day. That is something unmatched and I enjoyed being able to watch him play. THANK YOU TORII HUNTER!


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