Carolina Panthers get signature win against Seahawks

The Carolina Panthers came into Sunday’s game with a huge chip on their shoulders; facing in their newest rival the Seattle Seahawks in front of the 12th man. It’s no secret the Seahawks have been this teams kryptonite in heartbreaking fashion. Sunday this team was out to do two things end a streak and prove all the doubters and experts we are to be taken seriously. We did that in come back fashion one of the best games in I’ve ever watched, trailing by 13 at one point and nine in the fourth quarter and were able to win 27-23! This game personifies our saying this fan base and team KEEP POUNDING! Here are some of my takeaways from this signature victory.

The 4th Quarter


In football the money quarter is the 4th it’s when heroes are made or goats to blame. Sunday quarterback Cam Newton engineered two touchdowns in the final four minutes to seal this victory. Put it in perspective, Newton was 12 for 15 162 yards and the game-winning strike to tight end Greg Olsen with 32 seconds left. My favorite part about this whole thing is the fact that Newton is staying in the pocket looking downfield and trusting his wide receivers not just using his legs to burn defenses. It’s so much fun to see his maturity and football IQ continuing to rise every game he threw some absolute frozen ropes where only our receivers could catch them.

We made Seattle’s defense look like the Legion of whom the offense was able to methodically drive down the field four different times each 80 yards the first time in Seattle’s history they have given up to any opponent another feather in our cap. I have to admit it feels good to have beaten them the way we did; making them question every call they made in the fourth quarter, sending them into a tailspin.

He’s back


The defense got a huge lift when linebacker Luke Kuechly was back in the lineup after missing the last three games with a concussion. He didn’t miss a snap and was absolutely all over the place leading the defense with 14 tackles! He is one of those once-in-a-lifetime players that doesn’t even need much practice to become a nightmare for opponents and allow our defense to take more chances because he usually cleans up our mistakes.

He was also a key in stopping the run as that area started to become exposed, but with him back we were back to our old stifling selves. Kuechly has been just unbelievable and many times hard to describe a huge key to us getting over the hump in Seattle. Man it was great to have his fiery presence back and he wasn’t going to back down from anybody the attitude of this entire team and I love it!

Greg Olsen came up big again


I feel like a broken record, but every game he seems to come up big Sunday was no different he had seven receptions for 131 yards and the game-winning score. He is the new Mr. reliable for the Carolina Panthers and one of the best tight ends in the NFL right now. He is not afraid to do the dirty work either blocking for running backs and Cam Newton he is the full package! I’ve said this a few times thank you Chicago Bears that is one of the best trades we’ve pulled off in our history and we are taking full advantage of it.

This Team will never quit 


This team has heart and will never give up no matter who doubts us. Sunday showed that and it’s not a fluke this team continues to develop and absorb the obstacles and body blows we’ve taken the season turning them into positives! We are a force to be taken seriously, I’m really excited to see what we can do with this great momentum and passion that the fan base and this team is showing! Keep Pounding is not just a saying it’s a way of life on and off the field; Go Panthers keep doubting us if you are, but beware this team keeps maturing and getting better and better!


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