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College football world turned upside down

Yesterday started out as a quiet Monday in the sports world, then it just exploded with high profile stories that came from the college ranks! Here are my takes on each of them.

Florida quarterback Grier suspended a year

press conference

The Florida gator football program was finally returning to relevance and consistency under new head coach Jim McElwain. The team is 6-0 with a huge upset over Ole Miss who at the time was ranked number three the polls a major win to prove they are back. For the good play they are now ranked number eight in the country couldn’t get any better right?

Well a selfish decision has changed the course of the season for the gators and a player’s reputation and future has changed forever. It was announced Monday that quarterback Will Grier has been suspended for an entire year for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

I’m going to be blunt here I know in college, we all make stupid decisions, but COME ON are you kidding me. There are no excuses for something like this in this day and age, especially how athletes in professional sports have been scrutinized and ridiculed for cheating other players that are clean taking their opportunities. Will Grier has let down his himself, his team and the entire college football world; because sports has worked so hard to get rid of any drugs, aiding performance and now he just brought it to the forefront again and he should feel ashamed of himself!

He had it all leading Florida back to winning football and maybe even a dark horse Heisman candidate. He has thrown all of that away and now the program can’t just focus on football they have to answer questions about him and his decision. His reputation on and off the field is now tarnished, but I hope he learns from this mistake and come back a better person and player for himself and the University of Florida.

The Old ball coach resigns at South Carolina


The legendary coach Steve Spurrier who transformed the Southeastern conference in college football announced his resignation on Tuesday. That time is a bit of the head scratcher, but in a season that is going nowhere fast he felt it was time for the University to start over and regain their winning culture that Spurrier created! Some people feel he walked out on the program, but I’m glad he is going out on his own terms so many times in sports legends don’t get to leave the way they came in and they’re not thought of as they should be because of the way they left their sport.

Spurrier transformed college football and touched so many of his players lives on and off the field, he will be loved throughout the sports world and his legacy will always live on. WELP, that’s all and I wish the old Ball Coach all the best in whenever he does thank you for your football wisdom!

USC Football is a mess right now


The University of Southern California football program is in shambles; right now trying to pick up the pieces after having to fire coach Steve Sarkisian who has  been battling alcohol abuse problems.  It’s something that had to be done because it’s been reported he was drunk on the sidelines during games and at school gatherings so I don’t blame them for this at all.  However, I do question  athletic director Pat  Haden  and how he’s running the football program at this time because over the past few years since Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks it’s been a revolving door for USC at the coaching position.  It takes time to rebuild college programs and I don’t think Haden  has given the coaches  in recent times a chance to implement  their philosophies  and create a winning culture.

I hope the next coach is very experienced and has a track record that can help turn this historic around because college football is better when they are winning consistently. Pat Haden is on the hot seat in my opinion his  recent choices have put the  football program in questionable situations lately and  if something doesn’t change think they might be time to look elsewhere.


College football has definitely been changed by these stories, but this is just going to make the rest of the season more intriguing allow others to have the opportunity to step up and lead these programs to where they want to go this season and the future I’m really interested to see how these situations affect college football this year and beyond!


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