What we learned from game 1 of the NBA Finals

The NBA finals lived up to the hype  the Warriors were able to prevail  108- 100 in overtime.  This game was closely contested throughout  exactly what you want from the two best teams in the league and he played like it. I would compare it to a boxing match punches and counter punches thrown by each team fun to watch and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

For the Cavaliers

This was one of the most anticipated NBA seasons for the Cavaliers because their hometown hero Lebron James decided to come back home and try to give the city of Cleveland its first championship since 1964. That a ton of pressure for one man to take on, but he is the best player in the game right now and he looks to lead his young teammates to the promised land. in game one he was the MVP type of player and showed why he is the best player right now scoring 44 points and six assists a great performance that just wasn’t enough as he missed the potential game-winning shot at the end of regulation. Despite Lebron’s heroic effort the big story after game one is the health Kyrie Irving Who came into the series less than 100% with knee tendinitis with 2:02 left in the fourth quarter his knee buckled awkwardly causing him to have to leave the game and it was a shame because it looked like the eight days of rest did and some good as he was stuffing the stat sheet with 23 points,seven rebounds,and Six assists. No doubt Irving was missed because the Cavaliers were outscored 10 to 2 in the overtime they just couldn’t get anything to fall and looked kind of deflated after losing one of their best players.


Today they learned the fate of their point guard he has a fractured kneecap and will miss approximately 3 to 4 months, maybe longer a deflating blow to not only the team, but the city of Cleveland. They say sports of the game of inches what if Lebron would’ve made the last shot or Shumpert would have gotten a better role we wouldn’t be talking about an injury and the Cavs hopes  wouldn’t be hanging on one man’s shoulders.

The big three now stands at one as Kevin love was injured earlier in this playoff run,  Lebron must be better than he has ever been to lead this team to the promised land I don’t know how you can do it but if I were to put my money on the one it would be the four-time MVP  and the two time champion to cary  this team to victory.

 For the Warriors

gettyimages-475919056_wide-1bdb8ec379051e5de9af4521d10a8886d3b89d4a-s900-c85This was a whole new experience for this team as last time the Warriors were in the finals, none of the current players were even alive when they last played for the championship, so as you can expect they had to shake off the early first-quarter jitters and get their feet wet. in that first quarter they couldn’t buy a basket causing them to have to come back from another double-digit deficit of 10 starting the second quarter no worries, however they are now 3-0 when trailing by double digits in this year’s playoffs. They were also able to use their home court advantage that they enjoyed all season, improving their record to an astounding 46-3.

The Warrior’s depth also played a huge role in the outcome of game one as Maurice Speights came back after eight games due to injury came up with a big eight points in just eight minutes off the bench that seemed to get the Warriors going. Another key player was Andre Iguodala, who is a 10 year veteran and this is the first year that he not he has not been a starter, but he has been a great addition to the Warriors and a big reason they are where they are right now. Iguodala had a very productive game scoring 15 points, grabbing five rebounds and dishing three assists that was a great recipe for success getting that much production off your bench in any game let alone the NBA finals.

I don’t see a weakness in the Warriors right now they have the youth the health and the splash brothers, it couldn’t be going better for them right now I honestly don’t feel the Cavs have much of a chance unless Lebron puts up a Herculean effort and something magical happens.


The Cavaliers have an uphill climb to overcome all of the injuries, but I still think this will be a  fun series to watch with a splash  brothers in Stephen  Curry the MVP of the league and Klay Thompson his wing man and how Lebron is going to perform with even more pressure to carry the team.  I think  the Warriors are going to win the series, but Lebron will give his best shot no doubt.


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