Jason Day Wins The Farmers Insurance In A Playoff

The Famers Insurance open started with all eyes on Tiger Woods as he looked to bounce back from his worst performance as a professional. He wasn’t able to do so as he re-injured his back due to what he termed defective glute muscles, this forced him to withdraw for the 3rd time in last 8 starts leaving his future in the balance. Phil Mickelson didn’t have much either, struggling on the greens, going in between putting grips, causing him to miss consecutive cuts for the 1st time since 2002. They are searching for answers. Winter rust?

Torrey Pines showed why it was a U.S. Open venue in 2008, with thick, lush rough that made many shots impossible making par feel like a birdie many times on Saturday and Sunday. Harris English made it look easy the 1st 2 rounds without a bogey looking totally in control and poised to get his 2nd career win. He headed into Sunday tied for the lead with JB Homes at 9 under par and many others breathing down their necks at 8 and 7 under. Setting up an exciting final round where anything could happen.

It was survival of the fittest type of final round that saw everybody drop shots, it was a grind it out type of day for everyone. At one point in the round there were 11 players within 2 shots of the lead. JB Holmes had an up and down front 9 that saw him make just one par, but was able to bounce back and make 2 birdies to grab the lead at 10-under 2 shots clear of second, it looked like double digits were going to win The Farmers Insurance Open.

Jason Day methodically made his way around the course with an even front 9. The turning point for him was 16 when he drained a 42-foot putt to tie him for the lead. Scott Stallings, the defending champion, threw himself in the picture when he holed a bunker shot on 13 for eagle that also tied him for the lead. Jason day and Scott Stallings were in the clubhouse at 9 under waiting to see if they would get to play in a playoff.

JB Holmes came to 18 with an advantage because of his his power off the tee and it being a par 5, it felt like a pretty good bet he would make a birdie with his tee shot right down the middle. He will be rethinking his choice to lay-up, making the 3rd shot longer than needed. His 3rd shot, hung up on the ridge leaving it 16 feet away from the hole, much longer than planned for the win. With 2 feet to go it looked like it was going to drop, but it stopped two inches to the right. Close, but no cigar. He was also at 9 under making him the 3rd in the playoff. Harris English came to 18 needing a birdie to tie as well. English birdied 18, making him the 4th man in the playoff. This is the only way this tournament should have gone because of how closely it was contested.

The 1st playoff hole was 18 Scott Stallings and Harris English hit it in the rough and that cost them as they made par. Jason Day and JB Holmes were able to take advantage of their power and make birdies. There were 4 now there are 2, JB Homes and Jason Day headed to the par 3 16th. JB Holmes stepped up first with a lot of adrenaline as he fired it over the green up against the TV Tower.

Jason Day stepped up and fired a laser right over the pin to 15 feet; impressive considering the average proximity to the hole was 38 feet the hole. JB Holmes had a difficult lie and it was tough to stop as it went 10 feet past for par. Jason Day was able to cozy his up and make par, JB just missed his par making Jason Day the 2015 Farmers Insurance Champion. With this win Jason Day becomes the 4th ranked player in the world, an already feared golfer, just got scarier look out for him in the majors!


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