Thoughts on Max Scherzer Mega Deal

This off-season has been wheeling and dealing it has been hard to keep track of which is a baseball fans dream always something to talk about and this week was no different as another big fish landed when Max Scherzer signed in the Nations Capital on a 7 year deal worth 210 million dollar deal!!

This deal is a nightmare for the NL East teams that have to face that rotation 18 times a year, but especially because the Braves are going through a rebuilding period and with another great pitcher in the division I see a lot of strikeouts and tough offensive nights all year long but you still got to play the games and maybe surprise me but no matter what I am with them!!

From the Nationals perspective, it shows they are going for it and that’s great, but I don’t think he is worth Clayton Kershaw money because he’s had a couple of successful years, but not sustained like Kershaw but he is a great pitcher and his agent did a heck of a job getting that deal done! For the Nationals financially speaking, this could be a BJ Upton type deal where they are tied down even if the production is worth the money because know what they have to pay him for 14 years and there is no way he’s going pitch that long already at the age of 30 the Nationals may experience buyers remorse!!

Now with that money tied down to one player it may be difficult to sign their other stars that will keep them competitive for many years and keeping who knows what they could do but now money could be a big issue and that is never good! Also, they’re dangling their younger pitching stars Steven Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman which is not the smartest move because those players are younger and if you keep them your able to stay competitive for much longer than if you trade them now!

Overall this deal is great for Max Scherzer because we all raised our eyebrows when he turned down 144 million dollars and now he is laughing at us because he got a 66 million dollar raise that many didn’t expect!! For the Nationals I think it could be a big problem down the road, but since they want to win now I don’t blame them as now they have the top rotation in baseball, however their bullpen is suspect and that could be the thing that holds them back!! Baseball season is almost here and I am excited to see how all these moves play out!!


One thought on “Thoughts on Max Scherzer Mega Deal

  1. I hate the fact that the Nationals got him. I believe that if their pitching staff can stay healthy they will wrap up their division by early September. The division is very weak anyway, but the Nationals are the cream of the crop and maybe the entire National League.

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