A Game to Remember

The NFL playoffs have provided great heart stopping finishes for NFL fans everywhere yesterday was no different as the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks gave us an instant classic that will be talked for many years to come unfortunately for Packer fans it will be a nightmare and full of what-ifs.

The game was totally one-sided for the first 3 quarters in the Packers’ favor every bounce every play went their way, making the defending Super bowl look like they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs! Russell Wilson had maybe his worst half of his career with 4 interceptions and at one point had a 0 passer rating, which is mind boggling how he was, able to forget those throws and help his team complete improbable comeback.

This wasn’t just about Russell Wilson it was about the entire team, including Pete Carroll, who shocked us with a 4th and 10 fake field goal down 19-0 that takes some guts to call that and be willing to take criticize him if didn’t work and the game would’ve virtually been over but it was the 1st of many breaks, it was the first punter touchdown in the postseason since 1966.

It just got crazier from there with 3:27 left on the clock 19-7 many fans, including me handed this game to the packers, but there was no quit in the Seahawks after a 3 and 5 drop by Packer tight end Andrew Quarless breathed a little more life in the Seahawks if they could score quickly and they did as the Packers seemed to lift their foot off the gas a little bit because they weren’t flying around as they were earlier in the game! It came down to the onside kick and it got worse for Packers as it bounced off Brandon Bosticks’ face mask and the Seahawks recovered I cringed because the impossible was happening and I felt bad for Packer fans. If that were the Panthers in this game a probably would’ve been in the Emergency room because of a heart attack I am not kidding!!

The Seahawks scored pretty easy to take the 1st lead, the 2 point conversion was now the key and another break happened as Russell Wilson dropped back fading away and after being up in for about 8 seconds somehow it fell in tight end Luke Wilsons hands to give them a 3 point lead after 5 turnovers 4 interceptions that is what you call never giving up!! The Packers were able to force overtime with Mason Crosby’s’ 5th field goal, but the Seahawks won the toss and had the momentum Russell threw the walk off touchdown to Jermaine Kearse, who was the target on all 4 of Wilson’s interceptions he caught the one that mattered the most!!

The game showed me never to assume anything until the clock has 00 on it. This type of game is why I love sports so much because anything can happen!! The packers are going to be kicking for having to kick field goals and all the other things that didn’t go their way and sometimes its just not meant to be!

We have to give the Seahawks a lot of credit for the improbable comeback they are Super Bowl Champs and they know how to win no matter what sometimes its better to be lucky than good and take advantage of the breaks!! Congrats to both on great seasons was an awesome game and good luck to Seattle in the Super bowl!!


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