NFL Wild Card Weekend

The NFL playoffs are here, wild card weekend was sure wild with my team the Carolina Panthers avenged the awful loss to the Arizona Cardinals in 2008 with a dominating defensive performance, allowing just 78 yards of total yards an unthinkable number in todays NFL even with a 3rd string quarterback in the game. We had some great splash that helped us grab the win whether it was the Fozzy Whittaker 40 yard screen play that got the momentum back in our favor after some boneheaded plays that had me pulling my hair out.

Then a fumble created on the kickoff with a huge hit by Melvin White led to the touchdown pass to Tub of GOO fullback Mike Tolbert, which allowed our defense to exert itself and come after Ryan Lindley put in a tough spot because of Cardinal injuries. There were many mistakes that must be corrected, but a win is a win no matter how you get it playoff football means survive and advance.

The Ravens verses Steelers game may have been decided before it even kicked off as the Steelers had to play without all pro running back Le’veon Bell, who did it all from running to catching passes was a matchup issue for anyone. Without him, they had to turn into a one-dimensional offense with Ben Roethlisberger a great quarterback, but with no help from the running game the Ravens pass rush was able to disrupt the timing and create havoc in the backfield also in the 1st half were able to become a brick wall in the red zone holding them to field goals.

Although Le’veon Bell was not there the Ravens played a heck of a game, especially Joe Flacco, who seems to flip a switch during the postseason, making all the plays needed to help them get the win. Our old friend Steve Smith had a good game as well with over 100 yards receiving ho hum good for him! The defense made Ben Roethlisberger feel it all day it was a good day all around for the Ravens.

The Dallas, Detroit game was the closest and most controversial of the weekend. Dallas and Detroit came into the game with huge playoff monkeys on their back. Detroit came out hot a quick 14 point lead and their defense was getting great pressure on Romo with a total of 6 sacks and missed field goal by the most accurate kicker in NFL history Cowboys fans were saying here we go again! Tony Romo then turned it on with some great passing and in his own words calmed down and let the game come to him.

For Detroit this game will be remembered as the pickup flag game as a defensive pass inference was called as I think it should’ve been but then after being marked off it was picked up and the state of Michigan exploded with shock and anger that then led to the go ahead touchdown. Detroit had a shot to come back they got a break after Stafford was sacked and fumbled, then Dallas fans had nightmare flashbacks to Leon Lett fortunately for Dallas fans, it worked out in their favor this time but it doesn’t mean they didn’t have a heart attack watching it unfold! Tony got that elusive playoff win he’s been looking for! I don’t like Dallas but good for him.

The Indianapolis Colts faced the Cincinnati Bengals, who hasn’t won a playoff game since 1990 and they came into the game shorthanded without AJ green and Jermaine Gresham two key weapons on the offensive side of the ball and boy did they miss them they couldn’t create anything downfield or take advantage of turnovers and against Andrew Luck that’s not a recipe for success.

The Colts played well they did; however they did have the case of the drops and they won’t beat Denver that way. Andrew Luck had a typical day making plays getting out of trouble he is a force to be reckoned with on any given day and when his offensive line plays this watch out.

Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis can’t break though and who knows if they ever will together in Cincinnati. They haven’t been able to create breaks in the postseason where it really matters. Andy Dalton is now 0-4 and Marvin Lewis is 0-6 a dark cloud is over them right now. Someone needs to tell them to find a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover before the next postseason game nothing else seems to be working.

The playoffs have just started and it’s already been filled with drama and heart attacks and I am excited to see what happens!! GO Panthers


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