College Football Playoff Thoughts

College football has been filled with drama the entire year and with it being the first year of the college football playoff just the icing on the cake. I personally like the new system because it is determined by actual people in the game of college football, not computers just crunching numbers we all know technology can be defective and wrong. Play on the field matters more now and that is how all sports should be!

With any sport someone is going to be mad because they were left out of the playoffs this was no different as TCU was left out left many angry because they looked a lot more impressive than FSU and Ohio State the entire year, the problem for TCU is that their conference doesn’t have enough teams for a conference championship and that is the main reason they are not in the playoff might be a good idea to fix that.

I think the committee got it right, Oregon has the Heisman quarterback and an offense that goes warp speed looks like a well oiled machine most of the time yesterday especially. Many thought that FSU didn’t deserve to be in the playoff because of all their ugly wins, but they are wins doesn’t matter how you get them 29-0 is what it is and they deserved that shot they got it melted on them in the 3rd quarter with 5 turnovers they had fumble fingers and it got tough to watch. They had a heck of a run they just ran into a buzz saw!

Ohio state was able to get in the playoff by drubbing Wisconsin 59-0 on their 3rd quarterback this has probably been best coaching job by Urban Myer with all the changes at the quarterback position and staying the coarse this season! They were not a popular pick for that 4th spot, but when you shut out a team in your championship game that makes a big statement and the reason they got the nod.

Alabama had another solid year and were pretty much a lock to make the playoff. They did and everyone was pretty confident they would beat whomever they played. The game still had to be played on the field and the biggest thing I learned is Nick Saban doesn’t like sugar that’s his 3rd straight loss in that bowl. They were outplayed in almost every phase even though it was close. The SEC was knocked down a peg, as it will be the first time since 2005 a SEC will not be in the National Championship game it’s been great to watch I have Oregon but who knows this bowl season has been crazy!


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