Family Love

Time to brag a little bit as my uncle Pat McMahon is going to be honored with the Lefty Gomez Award! An award presented to a person who has distinguished himself throughout the game of baseball locally, nationally and internationally. My uncle has touched so many lives in a positive manner, there are too many to count as that number continues to grow today.

He has a resume that would rival many of the best names around the game of baseball 30 years of inspiring and changing athletes’ lives from the high school level to the pro level. Starting at Bishop Kenny High School his alma mater where he was a good pitcher in his own right, that got his feet wet as a head coach.

Next he was the head man at Mississippi State he led them to a College World Series appearance and a coach of the year award. He was able to handle big personalities including Raphael Palermo while there. If that didn’t convince he was a special head coach I have more. He then led Old Dominion to relevancy in his time there. He then got a chance to don the Red, White and Blue with USA baseball as an assistant, he was able to get a bronze medal then in 2001 he was able lead them as a head coach. That’s just the start of what he has been able to do in the baseball world!

Where he became a household name for many was at the university of Florida leading them to many winning seasons and a runner-up finish in the 2005 World Series. It was possibly the hottest weekend ever, but it was so much fun, even though they came up short. I don’t know why, but the university decided to go in a different direction. During his time at 3 universities, he amassed 584 wins, which is amazing and shows his amazing coaching ability to adapt and change in every situation!

The New York Yankees came a calling after that, it says a lot about the person and the knowledge of the game when one of the most storied franchises wants you. His current position, as international player development coordinator, helping develop future Yankees and classy ballplayers.

He can do it all folks and does it with ultimate class in every situation even with umpires when he didn’t agree. He a big reason I love sports so much and am pursuing a career in sports! Congratulations well deserved Love you very much!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Family Love

  1. Mary Linn says:

    I enjoyed this one Cassidy. You’re a McMahon if :_____
    (there are so many wonderful answers to that question but one of the newest is …you are a huge follower of Cassidysports my take!)

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