Million Dollar Mistakes

Sports no doubt is an industry that throws money at every possible situation, trying to put the best team on the field. The contracts these days are ridiculous, with 100 million dollars being average which is laughable. The problem is when decide to give one of these and it doesn’t work well a lot of people mad!

Two examples of that are Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who signed 7 years years 126 million dollars, which was questionable at the time and he showed us why forgetting who plays on his team with 18 interceptions and just making any plays. Leading to his benching for Jimmy Clausen, who hasn’t started in 2 years and is 1 and 10 as a starter that’s desperate for sure.

One thing on bears fans Christmas list is an overhaul to find an identity and a quarterback to lead the team to victories! Hopefully for their sake they can wipe their hands of Jay Cutler completely.

The other contract that has tied the teams hands financially is one of my teams the Braves Bj Upton, who signed the highest free agent contract the Braves have ever given out, 7 years 75.25 million makes me want to puke because he has hit under.200 since he has been with the team and has stuck out so many times he couldn’t hit a beach ball I could make more contact than he can and that’s bad!!

We still owe him 46 million, which has caused us to go on a mini rebuild, getting rid of some of the best talent to free up money to add more players for less its very frustrating, but needed because when bad contracts snowball their is no other option! We will see what happens this year I think we will still be competitive but not where we want to be.

This goes to show you you better be very confident when you sign one of the mega deals because you must answer questions if they backfire and sometimes you will pay the ultimate price with your job! Gotta love sports!!


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