Winter Meetings Thoughts

The winter meetings just finished up and it was the most active one ever with 20 trades. The most surprising move to me was the Dodgers shipping slugger Matt Kemp to the Padres, because the Dodgers still had 5 years of control and sending him somewhere he can inflict direct damage being in the same division. It’s a very questionable move for me, but they did have outfield clutter so that fixes that and with a new GM changes have been made in bunches for the Dodgers and more to come.

It was also a battle of Chicago as both the White Sox and Cubs made big splashes, White Sox getting David Robertson a star reliever to finish games next year, and Jeff Samardzija a front-line starter to be paired with all star Chris Sale a pretty deadly combination with Carlos Rodon waiting in the wings. They could be very dangerous this year.

The Cubs were busy as well, landing one of the big fish of the off-season Jon Lester and getting Miguel Montero to lead that pitching staff. I am happy for Jon Lester because he has a chance to become a hero in a city that has been championship starved. With that young talent the skies the limit for them and Joe Madden is the perfect leader for this team, because in my opinion the Cubs are the National leagues version of the Rays and we know how that’s played out. They are the most intriguing team for me excited to see how this season plays out for them. Baseball could be very exciting in the Windy City this year!

Now for my team the Braves were relatively quiet on the transaction front, but they were able to pick up utility man Alberto Callaspo a low strikeout guy and a veteran presence in the clubhouse. Justin Upton and Evan Gattis have been in trade talks all off-season and some fans are frustrated we haven’t made those moves yet, but it’s important to get the best haul possible and don’t settle! Be patient Jon Hart is smart he will put the best team possible out there. Baseball games aren’t won on paper lets let the off-season fully play out before we judge. Baseball is fun on and off the field this year especially.


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