Hart Piecing it Together

The Braves are having the busiest offseason in a while, this week making a splash signing veteran outfielder
Nick Markakis to a 4-year 44 million dollar deal as the replacement for Jason Heyward. Markakis 31, is very durable,averaging 155 games played in his career and those types are hard to come by these days. He also gives you a great at-bat putting the ball in play low strike out guy,which is something we desperately need as last year we had 9 strikeouts per game and you can’t win games like that.

My favorite part about this signing is he brings a veteran presence that we didn’t have last season that might’ve saved a dismal September. I forgot to mention we are also replacing a 2-time gold glove winner with another also not bad

Some experts are saying this goes against the plan of rebuilding and maybe that’s tue, but I think you can rebuild and try to win at the same time and think that’s what Hart is doing, getting rid players heading into their free-agent year knowing you going not going to resign them,get what you can and save money to invest in multiple areas of the team instead of just that one player.

He also made some changes with the pitching staff not signing Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy both coming back from their second Tommy John surgery,which is very risky to keep as it is unknown how you will come back and most importantly how effective you will be. I love them both and I hope they have success wherever they end up, but I agree it’s to much of a risk. This method is smart and has worked for Hart before with the Indians in the 90s, I trust his vision and nobody knows until we play the games so don’t be to judge.

This has been a crazy offseason already and we are just getting started as the winter meetings start Sunday, I will be glued as more moves will be made to shape this team and I am excited to see what we are going to put on the field in 2015!! Go Braves


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