Time to be Blunt

My team the Carolina Panthers had very high expectations for this season and as we sit right now we are a shell of ourselves. There are many reasons for this, but the fact of the matter is we lack leadership and talent that it takes to be a cohesive team. Dave Gentlemen has made some questionable this year with releasing Steve smith and the entire receiving core from last year and letting many of our solid secondary players go to free agency and signing Roman Harper who is dubbed by many as the worst safety in the NFL today. Not saying we are not salary stricken with 47 million sunk into 3 players 2 injury-plagued running backs and a defensive end that can’t play because of legal issues. What bugs me about this is Gentleman hasn’t said anything about how he is going to fix this or stood up for his players.

Now to on the field issues, my god where do I start the offensive line is the best as any. They couldn’t block a teddy bear they way they are playing right now giving up 9 sacks to the Eagles and being knocked down countless times and no time to make plays. Here is a mind boggling stat for you since Cam Newton into the league he has over 500 times, he is not invisible and these have taken a huge toll on his mind and body and that is the worst thing for a quarterback to be thinking to much. A piece of advices draft at least 2 OL if you want cam to last and be the face of our franchise.

It has not been smooth for Cam by no means with the ankle injuries, ribs, and many more. The play has been shaky as well, forcing balls to receivers, throwing balls a million miles an hour making it hard for anyone to catch it. He is thinking too much and not taking what the defensive gives him and to realize check downs are there and live for another play. Cam is a great talent and I feel we are not giving him the best chance to secede with the talent around him and the play calling is pretty questionable with the tools the Cam possess when completely healthy, which he is not.

We must retool and get some leadership that will create a fire into a lost organization right now. It is difficult to watch right now and I feel I should wear a paper bag over my head, but no matter what I will be a panther fan though and though.


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