Mad Bum carries Giants to title

It’s not often in sports one person single handily wins you a championship, this year left hander North Carolina native Madison Bumgarner rewrote the postseason record books! Bumgarner posted an outstanding 2.14 ERA starting by pitching a complete game shutout at PNC verses the upstart pirates over the past couple of seasons that was just the beginning of the dominance.
In the division series the only loss he had was because he had a throwing error that cost him 2 runs, but he would make up for that in the World Series trust me!

The World Series was a very memorable as is any that goes to a game 7, this series had everything from great defense to great everything in between! I think I can safely say if the Kansas City didn’t have to face Bumgarner they would be partying like it’s 1985, but that didn’t work out! Bumgarner basically said get on my back I’ll take you to the promise land and boy did he do that posting an unthinkable 0.25 World Series Era, going 4-0 and coming out of the bullpen in clinching game to pitch 5 shoutout innings on just 2 days rest incredible!! He also broke the postseason innings pitched with 58 and 2/3!! A record breaking postseason that will be etched in baseball fans minds forever!

Madison Bumgarner only 25 might already be in hall of fame consideration with 3 World Series rings and World Series MVP! He is representing the Queen City well and helping the Giants create the most unthought of dynasty. I not calling them a dynasty yet, but if they continue at this pace they will be soon! I would be remiss if I don’t give Bruce Bochy some love, a great manager that has pushed all the right buttons over the last 5 years I would call him silent but deadly in his decisions! A well oiled machine as we speak and will always be there!!


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