A Story Left Unfinished


Sports teams become part of families all around the world, following everything about that team daily, and for that matter sports in general! When tragedy strikes we feel like we lost a piece of us. Sunday the baseball world was hit with a bombshell as top prospect Oscar Tavares died in a car crash! Tavares was just getting his feet wet in the game being tabbed as the Cardinals next Albert Pujols big shoes to fill, but had the talent to do so!

Just 2 weeks ago he sent the state of St. Louis into a frenzy hitting a walk off homer in NLCS that would be his last at bat ever, but man was it memorable! Baseball legacies usually take years to create but his was built by that one swing and he will be remembered by that!! His life and baseball career ended way to soon.I wish we could’ve seen what else he had in store because it looked like he had the it factor to be one of the great!! One thing is for sure Heavens batting average just got a little better!!

R.I.P Oscar Tavares you will be missed!!


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