Jerry World buzzing

As we are in week 8 in the NFL season, there have been many surprises none bigger than ‘Americas team’ Dallas Cowboys 6-1 start! Let me start by saying I don’t like the Cowboys, but they’ve been impressive with a unstoppable running game with DeMarco Murray who is the 1st running back to ever rush for 100 yards in 7 straight games that is insane!! The offensive line has made some of the best defenses look foolish and they have made Jerry Jones look like I genius and feed his huge ego, when you are 6- 1 I guess you can say and do whatever you want!!

The most important position on the field is the quarterback position and Tony Romo might be the most scrutinized quarterback in the NFL today! I am one to be very hard on him, for his costly turnovers throughout his Dallas cowboy career that make Dallas Cowboys fans sick to their stomachs. That is not the case this year channeling his inner superman with some of plays he has made this season including spinning out of the grasp of JJ watt the most feared defensive player in the NFL today to throw a game changing touchdown and many other jaw dropping plays that have led to cowboys victories this season.

I may give Tony Romo a lot of flack, but he is a gamer coming off 2 back surgeries and very upfront when things aren’t going right. The Cowboys are in a good spot right now, but they must be smart and continue to do what got them to this point and hope Tony Romo continues to be the good version. Don’t be to cocky Cowboys fans but, it’s an impressive start!!


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