Cinderella Postseason

This postseason has shown why Major League baseball is the National Pastime with many surprises! The big money favorites were shocked big time as the Cinderella teams Royals and Orioles flexed their muscles in series sweeps. Both in very different ways as the Royals used speed, pitching and defense whereas the Orioles used their power and took advantage of an awful Detroit bullpen, and that is being nice as they gave up 21 runs in the 8th in the series.

The Royals have had a flare for the dramatic with a postseason record 4 extra inning victories, putting their fans on the edge of their seats and causing a lot of mini heart attacks along the way! They might have the key piece to the puzzle a dominate bullpen with 4 guys that can throw over 100 Mph and, an 8th inning guy that has a 1.00 Era and as only given up 4 extra base hits all year that’s insane! The Royals look poised to ride the magic carpet to their 1st World Series appearance since 1985 after a 21-year postseason absence.

The other huge surprise is the Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw and the best pitcher in MLB right now faced his kryptonite the St Louis Cardinals, cruising though seven with a 6 to 1 lead things fell completely apart, giving up 8 and everybody had to pick up their jaws at the turn of events. He might have been left in to long, but would you rather have a 20 game winner try to punch his way off the ropes or put trust in an inconsistent bullpen it was the right decision just didn’t work out. The crazy thing about Kershaw is he has lost 4 straight postseason starts. When the lights are bright he seems to struggle a bit.

The main things we have learned about this postseason thus far it the amount of money you spend, it’s the names on the back of those jerseys that have to go out there and execute. Another glaring theme of this postseason is you must have a great bullpen with so many extra inning games and close nail batting finishes. The bullpen is a big key to a deep October run as we’ve seen and will continue to see as we come down the stretch run. This postseason has been great to watch, even though the Braves aren’t in it I’m excited see how it ends up!


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