A NFL Sunday that has more juice than usual as the Carolina Panthers have to do something many Panther fans and I never thought, face Steve Smith as an opponent! When you think of the of the Panthers you think of Steve Smith, a 13 year career filled with dramatic touchdown catches and a total of 13,054 yards receiving, had a knack for making safeties and corners look foolish on every down, and maybe the most fiery wide receiver to ever play in the NFL with many fights and enticing the defenders into stupid penalties, the full package as NFL wide receiver!

Many fans thought Smith would be a lifer as a Carolina Panther; the fact that he is not proves how rare it is for a player to stay with one team because of many things whether it is leadership changes or even player attitudes. Look I understand the NFL is a business and philosophies change but this might be the most questionable move in franchise history cutting the face of your franchise, I hope it works out for both sides in the end!

Our defense is a force, but we were badly exposed last week in the ugliest loss in 2 years to the Pittsburgh Steelers and having Steve Smith to play might be the worst case scenario for our secondary, who I call the land of misfit toys a big test for a bounce back game we will see.

This game we be a classic smash mouth trash taking game going to be exciting to see what happens, the training staff will be busier than at any time this year! Strap your helmet real tight and be ready to hit! AGENT 89 IS READY going to be fun to watch GO Panthers!! Miss you Steve please don’t rip us apart!! 🙂


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