Braves season in review

The Major League baseball season is 162 game marathon, but now with just 2 weeks left it is a sprint and unfortunately the Braves are clinging to their playoff hopes by the skin of their teeth being 6 games back of the Pittsburgh Pirates for the 2nd wild card spot to say the least it’s going to take a miracle!

The main reason why we sit in this position is the offensive struggles for much of the year and especially in September the braves couldn’t hit a beach ball if they tried really hard to watch. Also not having a prototypical lead-off has greatly effected what we can do because having to use a run producing guy at the top off the line up as put pressure on other guys that haven’t come though that must be the 1st thing we address this offseason, if we want to seriously contend for the title next year.

The braves have also the meaning of ABC baseball and the fundamentals that it takes to win ballgames weather it be get the bunt down or hitting the ball to the right side to get a guy over simple things that mean a lot! Those who think a strikeout is just an out are nuts, it stalls the momentum of an inning and puts pressure on the next guy to pick you up, since I’ve been watching the game of baseball it’s always been said put the ball in play crazy things can happen and the braves have not done that well at all this year! One last thing about the offense that sums up the year offensively is last year we were 4th in runs scored this year we are 27th ridiculous and when you get no- hit by the Phillies who are last in our division and need canes to go out there and play baseball you know it’s not a good year!

A couple of positives we can take form this year is our patchwork pitching staff have given us a chance to win every time they go out there if we could’ve scored 3 runs in every game we played we could’ve won 10 to 15 more games than we have, not joking our pitching has been that good! That was considered a weakness after losing 3/5 of our rotation to injury coming out of spring training not the case at all!

Another positive we can take we can take out of this year is the defensive pay of Jayson Heyward and Andrelton Simmons who continue to make jaw-dropping plays to save runs and our pitchers bacon. Jayson has only one error in right this season and Andrelton the best shortstop in the league right now bar none!

They say pitching and defense wins championships, not this year offensive struggles will define the 2014 Atlanta Braves! We will keep fighting until they say there is no chance, but it is bleak I’ll be watching until the end. We will be back better than ever in 2015 GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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