My NFL Picks for 2014

AFC West winner- This one is pretty easy for me to pick because,anyone with Peyton Manning I am going to pick them. Denver is going to win they have the most potent offense and it’s going to be to keep up with them. However, I do think San Diego and Kansas City will fight hard and one of them will get wild card. The reasons why are San Diego has a great offense and Kanas City as dominate defense. This will be one interesting division to watch.

AFC NORTH winner- This division will come down to Baltimore and Pittsburgh because they are most experienced and were able to add veteran leadership in the offseason. I don’t think the Bengals can overcome the loss of offensive coordinator Jay Gurden and Andy Dalton as been very inconsistent. I believe that the Baltimore will win because the offense has gotten better and Pittsburgh has an aging defense I think that will hurt them.

AFC SOUTH winner- This is pretty straight forward for me the most complete team in this division Indianapolis Colts will win. NO Quarterback questions that pretty much is the reason they will win this division.

AFC EAST WINNER- Much like the Denver anybody with Tom Brady I’m going to pick him what he’s been able to do with little experience is amazing. That’s why I think the New England will win division and they’ve been able to add veteran pieces like Darrelle Revis and a good WR in Brandon Lafell. I think the rest of this division has way too many questions Dolphins- QB inconsistency,Offensive line Jets-QB inconsistency,Offensive line, Bills- Young Inexperience, but I like the direction they are going.

NFC WEST winner- I think it will be standard like last couple of years Seattle and San Fran I believe Seattle will win because they didn’t lose many pieces from their defense a consistent offense and a big X- Factor The 12th man. I think it will come down to the last weekend to decide the winner,because San Fran is basically the same team it’s a coin flip. The key is injuries if the other teams want to contend.

NFC East Winner- The Eagles will win this division too many offensive weapons and with all other teams having horrible defenses and still questions for every team. I think that’s the thing all other teams have to worry about because the goal is to keep the other team out of endzone and it will be a struggle for every team to stop the Eagles.

NFC NORTH-This is the hardest one for me to pick because all teams have improved with Golden Tate to Detroit paired with Calvin Johnson could be deadly. Julius Peppers to help that Green-Bay Defense and a great offense with Arron Rodgers. Chicago bears will be scary with Jarred Allen added to that defense and if Jay Cutler can throw to the right jerseys. Ultimately I think the Green-Bay Packers because of the experience and their quarterback. Another than that not much can separate the teams, this is going to be a fun division to watch.

NFC South winner I am biased in this division because my favorite team is the Panthers and I think we will win because I have to be confident in my team and we still have a great defense and special teams. Our offense is the biggest question mark losing our entire wide receiving core and most offensive line to retirement, so if we want to have a good offense we must rely on running game and keeping Cam Newton upright. it’s going to be tough to repeat because it has never happened in the history of our division,and the amount of talent we must compete with Matt Ryan and Drew Brees will be tough. However, I believe in my team so GO Panthers!!

This season is going to be fun I can’t wait


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