Braves shaking things up

I believe the Atlanta Braves are making the right moves to have the best chance to win every night. First releasing the long struggling Dan Uggla who hit an anemic .162 with just 2 home runs and lost his starting job in May. I liked Dan as a person and a player,but the fact is you have to produce to play and he didn’t do that so we did the right thing in cutting ties with him, and now finally playing with a full roster since May. Financially it is not the best case for the braves because we owe him 19 million until the end of next year,but it had to be done because this became a distraction in the clubhouse and affected the chemistry of the team and, we don’t need that while trying to win a division and more.

Another great move that we just made toady was sending down Luis Avilan who is struggling mightily and needs to work on things,because lefties are so important to retire in todays game. Our minor league system doesn’t miss a beat. hopefully the new guy Chasen can stabilize that put of bullpen for now.
The thing that we will focus on the trade deadline is bullpen like every team and bench,because the deeper your team is the scarier we are.
We are definitely trending in the right direction and, we are making every move to put the best team on the field to win games!! GO BRAVES


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