It’s the official end a major-league baseballs first half, its been very entertaining with the second wildcard in play giving more teams a chance to play in the postseason. With the amount of tommy-john surgeries we’ve seen I believe the teams that make the postseason will have the most depth. Here are my predictions for the divisions

THE AL EAST Winner- Baltimore Orioles because they are the youngest team had the least amount of injuries most consistent lineup.

THE AL CENTRAL Winner- Detroit Tigers Best lineup veteran starting pitching, but they must fix their bullpen.

AL WEST Winner- Oakland A’S because they have been the most consistent in every aspect and with the starting pitching I don’t see prolonged losing streaks, but it will come down to wire with Angels.

NL EAST Winner- I am biased with this one because they are my Favorite team Atlanta Braves. I think we will win because of how well we play head to head with Washington and our pitching, but we must resolve the left handed reliever and the Dan Uggla situation.

NL WEST Winner- Las Angeles Dodgers to much starting pitching to lose and a dynamic lineup with speed and power mix.

NL Central Winner- this is the toughest one, but I think the St Louis Cardinals just because of the experience and stating pitching, but the loss of Yadiar Molina could be a decisive blow in them not winning because he means everything to them in more ways than one. So this is anyone’s guess.

I think there might be one more blockbuster trade that will shake everything up again.


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