Houston We Have A Problem

A promising Houston sports trend in Houston has turned into a bit of nightmare, because on the day Lebron breaks up the big 3 in Miami Houston thought they were going to create a new big 3 in Houston including James Harden, Dwight Howard, and Chris Bosh that didn’t happen. Bosh decided to re-sign with Heat for 5 years and 118 million dollars, which surprised me because with the Heat losing out on Lebron heading back to his beloved hometown of Cleveland there’s not much for Miami to work with, and I think Houston has a legit chance to win now that’s why Bosh’s decision surprised me, but money speaks volumes I guess. Now Houston’s left scratching their heads losing out on 2 big ticket free agents one they thought was a sure thing in Bosh. It’s not that they still don’t have a good team that can contend, but it’s what could’ve been.

The other big team in Houston no not the Astros, but Houston Texans are dealing with problems with their best player in Andre Jonson wants out , which who could blame him with the revolving door at the quarterback position in the past couple years. Don’t get me wrong they could have one of the most feared defenses in the NFL next year, but you got to put points on the board to win football games. If your best player wants whether you say you’re not going to trade him or not if he’s not happy it doesn’t bode well for an already young team, with quarterback issues on top of that.

All Houston sports teams are searching for answers right now; it will be interesting how the teams will handle the unwanted scenarios they are in right now. I think they will be fine, but they will have to be crafty with the moves they make.


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