All The ‘Heat’ is on Lebron to make a decsion

We are a couple weeks into NBA Free agency and none of the big free agents have made a decision on where they will play next season. The main reason for this is the best player in the league over the past 10 years LeBron James is mulling over his options which includes heading back to his hometown and where he almost single handedly brought them a couple of championships.

Another option is to create a new super team, which is the least likely in my mind because LeBron has expressed little interest in any other teams so I will be shocked if another super team is created with LeBron unless with the Miami Heat. The last option is to return to the Miami Heat where he has made 4 straight finals and 2 championships. Those are the 3 most likely options what

I believe will happen is he will go back to Cleveland because it’s his beloved hometown and wants to bring them a championship. Then the trickle-down effect will start Chris Bosh will go to Houston other free agents like Carmelo will go back to New York and we will see how the NBA Season shakes out from there but, LeBron has the ultimate power and will shake up the NBA no matter what he chooses.


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