The Caption’s Final Salute

The All-Star game is a very special time for everyone involved but more so in the past five years baseball has saluted many veterans for what they’ve been able to do in their major league baseball careers this year is no different as we sauté The Caption Derek Jeter on his legendary 20 year Yankee career, and he is on my Yankee Mount Rushmore which is Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.

Many people may dispute me on my choices but when I think of the Yankees I think of Derek Jeter the ultimate professional on and off the field. Oh and he has the stats to back it up too. With a career .311 batting average 534 career doubles, which is the most in Yankee history and probably the most impressive stat is he has 3400 hits and counting. The icing on the cake if any is needed he is a 5-time World Champion and a 14-Time All-star to say the least he is among MLB elites.

Look everyone that knows me knows I hate the Yankees (sorry uncle pat he works for them) but I have the upmost respect for what Jeter as done for baseball and the Yankees and one of my favorite players in baseball!!!! NO Doubt



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