NFL Just Around The Corner

Everyone including me is missing the hard hitting Sundays on the gridiron it’s not far away just 9 more Sundays until its back. This is going to be one of the most interesting seasons to date because of the amount of quarterback controversies that could affect the landscape of many teams. The most talked about one is the Cleveland Browns having Johnny Football now the 3rd QB selected at 22 overall in the last 5 years the 1st 2 have not worked out. I ultimately believe Johnny football will eventually start football games to put butts in Cleveland seats because he is one of the most exciting players in football. I also believe the situation in Minnesota will be turned over to the 32nd overall pick Teddy Bridgewater just because they don’t have a really great option in Matt Cassel who only had one good year as Tom Brady’s backup and I think anyone could win in New England.

Another thing I am looking is the players that have changed teams to have an immediate impact including Steve Smith who had to say the least a messy divorce with Carolina. He signed a 3 year deal with Baltimore pairing with Torrey Smith could be a scary duo for defenses. Another player I think will have great year is another toy for the always inventive Chip Kelly Darren Sproles who is one of the most dynamic players and can change the course of a game. Those are 2 players that could change the landscape of the league.

My team the Carolina Panthers is in a transition in leadership department with now Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly and in the wide receiving core with our top 5 receivers leaving willingly or unwillingly. Going to be very interesting how the offense will work with a make shift offense all around with 3/4 of the offensive line retiring. Ultimately we are going to win on our defense this year maybe our offense will be a pleasant surprise but right now I don’t see it. NFL this year is going to great in its own way going to be fun to watch!! GO PANTHERS


One thought on “NFL Just Around The Corner

  1. Jeremy McMahon says:

    I think the Panthers will have to run the ball a lot this year, and not so much in the option but more power running. They have good running backs, as long as they can stay healthy. The negative aspect of them having to run is their offensive line that you spoke about. With guys retiring and leaving it will be interesting to see how the running backs will blocked for and how Cam Newton will be protected.

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