The Charlotte Bobcats just finished their last season being known as the Bobcats. Which I  believe is the best news of all becase even though we made our 2nd playoff in our 10 year history last season we have been known as the laughing stock of NBA just 2 short years ago as we posted the worst record in NBA history 7 and 63 and for some reason I watched every single one untill halftime. Now with a little momentum we get the histroy rich and loved name of the HORNETS back in its rightfful home. The horents have started thier second go around with a bang with an A+ draft in my opinoin being able to grab a  top 5 talent Noah Vonleh out of Indiana and a sharp shooter in Pj Hairston out of North Carolina these two talents will add depth and shore up two glaring weakness last year 3 point shooting  and a better offensive backup to Al Jefferson also is a great rim protector. The things I beleive we must  to be the best we can be is more shooting and a dependable back up point gaurd if we are able to do those things we should be in a great postion to challenge in a playoff series. This is the most excited I’ve been about an NBA season because of the upside that we have and that we are making moves to get better. Watch out for the hornets this year BUZZZZZZ!!!


One thought on “The BUZZ Is Back In The QUEEN CITY

  1. PhillyDave says:

    Very excited about the new season with the Hornets name and brand back where it belongs. We had a good team
    before the draft and now with the money the team has to spend this off season, great things are expected!

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